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Aug 7, 2014 07:53 AM

30th Bday Dinner for 8 - Similar to Barbuto/The Dutch, but New(ish)

My wife and I enjoyed eating our way through NYC before moving to Boston 2 years ago. We're planning a trip back to the city to celebrate her 30th with friends, and I'm hoping for some tips on restaurants similar in vibe (lively but not Meatpacking "scene-y"), style (interesting, but not fussy), and price point to Barbuto or the The Dutch, but that are also new since mid-2012. We're looking to keep our options to restaurants in Manhattan to accommodate friends who will also be traveling into the city. Thanks for your help...

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  1. Barchetta
    The Gander
    Uncle Boon's

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      +1 for Estela. Excellent drinks and low key setting. Food is superb! Lighting is good. Not too loud so eight people should be able to hear each other easily.