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Great Tasting Party Cakes in Milwaukee Area

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I love to bake....and can't remember the last time I bought a whole cake in this area, but I am considering ordering one for a party to lighten the cooking load.

The exception being our wedding cake and a cheesecake at Simma's a few years back, but I am looking for more traditional cake versus cheesecake.

Any tips on great tasting cake? I may request some custom decorations, but taste is definitely more important than design.

I'd like to keep it reasonably priced, so while independent bakery suggestions are great, I'd also be interested in grocery stores, etc. that one might not expect to make a great cake.

Location wise--Waukesha, Washington, or Western Milwaukee County would be preferred, but feel free to share any area suggestions because I didn't see any recent threads regarding cake, so it might be helpful to others.


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  1. We were just at the Waukesha County Fair, and Rich's House of Cakes was an exhibitor. My husband bought one of their peanut butter cup-cake treats and we both thought it was delicious. They have a location on Meadowbrook Road on the west side of Waukesha. We used to live around the corner from that location and saw their storefront every time we went to the Sentry, but we had never stopped in. Judging from their booth at the fair, we were missing out.


    1. My better-two-thirds always had me drive miles to get a cake from "Shaker Baker" in brookfield for the kid's birthday to share at school. They did a very good job. We did my baking for the friends and family (more expensive and IMHO better). Please check to see if they are still in business since the last one I bought was 10 years ago.

      Otherwise, in the north side of town, in Whitefish Bay Reginas does a great job.
      Make SURE that you verify any lettering. They screwed up twice (out of many orders) but were quick with repairs. I didn't order, the wife did so I am not sure who is to blame, but please verify. Great cookies there as well.

      1. I have gone to National Bakery http://www.nationalbakery.com/ and have been happy with their cakes. I also like Sendik's
        Just to add Shaker Baker is closed.

        1. Thanks for the tips! I will look up those suggestion. Rich's would be convenient for me to stop at on my way home from work...

          After posting this, I remembered that they do cakes at the Rochester Deli in downtown Waukesha and have expanded their bakery operations to have a separate stand alone bakery next door. I popped over there at lunch and picked up a few cake pieces by the slice to share with my co-workers for a little sampling. I really enjoyed the red velvet, but it was a little lighter (ha, not light in calories--just texture) than a traditional version, so that could be an option. Thought I would share that, but have not made a decision at this point.

          Thanks again.

          1. Hi bte576, As always you can never go wrong with a recommendation from Living4Fun and agree regarding National Bakery. I would also highly recommend V. Richards on the corner of Blue Mound and Calhoun in Brookfield if they are still in business. They closed the grocery store part of the business years ago but continued to operate the bakery and their cakes were outstanding.

            Please let us know what you end up doing and enjoy your party.

            1. A friend suggested Costco and that they were better than most grocery stores.

              Anyone ordered one of their cakes? This will be for a casual, fun party and will probably (OK, definitely) be consumed after some adult beverages...so maybe I was thinking too hard.

              1. Just wanted to report back. I decided to stick with the red velvet idea as it worked with the party theme. I tried V. Richards and Sendik's as well. Sendik's was a little bland/plain tasting. The V. Richard's cream cheese frosting was amazingly rich and delicious, but the cake suffered from the food coloring taste coming through which is an issue with red velvet. I ended up just going with Perwinkle's/Rochester Deli. They seemed the most accommodating as far as what would be complimentary in terms of decorating the cake and it stood out to me as the best cake of the three.

                In the end, the cake looked great. It was maybe a tad drier/denser than the piece I had taken home from the shop which was a bit of a bummer, but it was by no means a bad cake and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

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                  Thanks for the update bte576 and I am glad you found something that filled your needs. Did they flavor the cake naturally? Anytime I have had a red velvet cake it has always had the artificial/food coloring taste.

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                    I didn't ask and would guess if it were all natural it would have been touted as such, but it did not have that bitter chemical taste that I have often associated with red velvet.