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Aug 7, 2014 05:33 AM

northern cali recs

hi-i know this is a broad request, but a good friend is going to northern cali for a wedding for 5 days. they are staying in SF, but going to visit sausalito, nappa, st. helena. please recommend your favorite spots. good food/good atmosphere important to them. it's been a while since i've been, so i don't know the local spots anymore. fave breakfast/lunch/dinner spots all welcome. thanks so much! ps-they have never been to SF

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I understand what she meant. I am not from California and didn't know this was an insult. So, my apologies.

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        No apology needed, certainly -- understandable situation, unlikely anyone took any offense! -- more like it just sounds strange when suddenly people far away start using a new nickame for California.*

        For your visit query, you may find useful information most quickly by searching this board with some relevant terms, such as the names of the towns your friend plans to visit, then refining the search if necessary by asking questions with reference to the past discussions.

        * (I went through the same sensation when people just joining the internet 20 years ago all dubbed it "the" world wide web -- that was an error, not Berners-Lee's original meaning of a "web" on the internet, but journalists picked it up, and it stuck -- and 30 years ago, when it suddenly became fashionable for people who didn't know what a "parameter" is to use it to mean a boundary or constraint -- that error stuck too, and is hard to explain now to people accustomed to hearing it.)

      2. We've removed a number of posts from this thread about the use of "Cali". If you don't know what the poster means, or if you just don't want to reply to anyone who uses "Cali", it's fine to skip over the thread, but we didn't think a digression about whether or not people should use "Cali" was going to help rach22 get any great chow tips.

        1. In Sausalito, they could try lunch or dinner at Fish. Casual but nice atmosphere right on the water, cash only, sustainable seafood. Some complain it is overpriced but the quality is excellent and the portions are large.

          Lots of options in Napa Valley; you can try a search of this board with the city names and you will find many recent threads. Oxbow Market has a few good options and is fun to wander in. In St Helena, I've had Archetype (formerly French Blue) on my list to try for a while. Please ask your friends to report back if they try it!

          1. Hard to give recommendations unless we know at least a little about what they DON'T want to eat...after all, nobody eats everything, and everyone has some kind of preference. And what's their budget? You can spend $$$$$ mucho big bucks here without really trying, LOL!

            Do they want to try the newest/hottest/"in" spots? Do they want fusion? Do they prefer more traditional, "quiet enough to actually talk to one another" places? Saying 'good' means different things to different people, as one can easily tell from any superficial perusal of a Net forum.

            Also, where are they staying in SF? (Just helps as a starting point thing)