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Aug 7, 2014 04:45 AM

Best Home Meal Delivery Service in Montreal?

What's the best home meal delivery service in Montreal? I'll be in the city this fall, and my work schedule will allow for very little time to shop or cook. A Google search resulted in the names of a few companies (21st Century Food, Chefanista, Jean Bouffe and Chef on Call) but I have no idea how good these places are. I consider myself to be a foodie wannabe, so taste is a priority. Any recommendations would be most welcome.

Thank you.

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  1. Try running some of those names through and see what they say. This site only rates places that have a "bricks and mortar" presence, though, so it'll be a guide, if nothing else.

    1. Haven't tried any of those myself, but a friend who hates cooking but loves food swears by Chefanista.

      I've had good food from Fresh Mint at some local events:

      1. Chef on call is average at best.. typical delivery fast food for (drunk) college kids; nothing special at all.

        1. Thanks for your responses, snicmhuilean, kpzoo and kpaxonite. Your suggestions are much appreciated.

          1. You should also search for personal chefs- you will get tailor made meals- it will be pricier than take out, but you will be eating freshly made meals that you will have chosen.

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              Just wanted to mention that I myself am a personal chef- hence the reason this solution came to mind!