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Best Home Meal Delivery Service in Montreal?

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What's the best home meal delivery service in Montreal? I'll be in the city this fall, and my work schedule will allow for very little time to shop or cook. A Google search resulted in the names of a few companies (21st Century Food, Chefanista, Jean Bouffe and Chef on Call) but I have no idea how good these places are. I consider myself to be a foodie wannabe, so taste is a priority. Any recommendations would be most welcome.

Thank you.

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  1. Try running some of those names through Yelp.ca and see what they say. This site only rates places that have a "bricks and mortar" presence, though, so it'll be a guide, if nothing else.

    1. Haven't tried any of those myself, but a friend who hates cooking but loves food swears by Chefanista.

      I've had good food from Fresh Mint at some local events: http://www.freshmint.com/

      1. Chef on call is average at best.. typical delivery fast food for (drunk) college kids; nothing special at all.

        1. Thanks for your responses, snicmhuilean, kpzoo and kpaxonite. Your suggestions are much appreciated.

          1. You should also search for personal chefs- you will get tailor made meals- it will be pricier than take out, but you will be eating freshly made meals that you will have chosen.

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              Just wanted to mention that I myself am a personal chef- hence the reason this solution came to mind!