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Aloha from NYC! What did you stock up for the Hurricane to eat?

Hope everyone is safe and weathers the two storms. Be well and stay safe!!

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  1. Aloha..
    Be safe, stock up on water/beer/fruit..
    Prayers to all and may Pele and Keuaakepō watch over the islands.

    1. Thank you UES! I got a four-choice take out plate lunch from Thelma's. Should last me two days easy.

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        All the ice you can lay your hands on from a multiple Texas hurricane veteran.

      2. Aloha my bruddha's and sista's..
        You all ok?

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          oahu's ok
          some trees down, but that's about it
          big island took most of it, but it stalled and weakened all afternoon/evening
          maui had some wind/rain

          another hurricane coming this weekend...

        2. Bought bread, rice, soda crackers, beer, apples and bananas. For canned goods, we usually have some in the pantry for times like this, a few cans of spam, vienna sausages, corned beef, tuna, roast beef, chili and vegetable/chicken noodle soup. We can go a week or more if necessary, but YUCK if we have to.

          1. Sardines, of course.... (and for some folks: spam!)

            1. Jar pasta sauce/pasta, those organic soups in that milk carton type packaging, salsa/chips, pita chips, Kirkland canned chicken, VIA coffee, Open Nature hot salami "Coaches" oats from Costco for example. Then I filled Skyy vodka bottles that I keep on hand just for this purpose with water. Wine of course, vodka. Dog food wet and dry. A take from the normal homemade food, dog treats. Candles, battery operated candles. Just a glimpse of our prep! Here's some photos! The Arrowhead is always in such quantity but could have sufficed for water in a pinch. We switched to this from tonic water, less calories great flavor! Thanks for asking UES! We safe now! The windward side looks pretty much normal, rainy, humid and slight winds! Thank God for Mauna Loa and her power and Pele to fight off Iselle!

              1. My wife and I always buy some extra canned goods dry food in June of every year. We both went through hurricane Iniki. I'm not a prepper, but I think we are ready. As with most Hawaii folks we laid in Spam ( dont look at me...my wife is the local girl!) canned tuna fish, made sure we have enough rice, and a fair amount of dried ramen. Recalling Iniki..I bought some extra beer...as well as some big bottles of juice and bottled iced tea. We keep a pretty well stocked pantry, so this stuff was just icing on the cake. We had previously purchased a few cases of water... I work in an OR, so we have collected 500ml and 1 liter sterile water and sterile saline bottles (empties from the OR), filled them with water, and also froze a bunch of them.

                The only thing I am having pangs about NOT getting, which was on my bucket list was a large Yeti cooler in case the power went out for an extended time.

                As of 1630 on Friday, the skies are dark here on Kauai, and we are having intermittent rain showers and strong gusty winds...the leading edge of Iselle. I honestly think we are going to be just fine though, with a bit of wind and a lot of rain.

                But keep us in your thoughts!

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                  Aloha Wabi. .
                  Be safe and prayers that it blows away from the islands.