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Aug 6, 2014 10:14 PM

Craving sweets

Locals we need your help .... looking to satisfy sweet cravings for really good baked goods. Have a car. Prefer to not go to strip/cadino since not staying there while in LV. Recommendations appreciated!

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  1. If you're okay with Japanese desserts that actually are not very sweet, Sweets Raku is the place to go. It's a dessert counter where you get three courses of dessert (you get to choose the middle "main course") for $19. You also get to watch the pastry chef create your dishes in front of you.

    1. It depends what you want. If you look at my posts on this site you'll see I harbor quite the sweet tooth.

      Sweets Raku is a great choice, as is Suzuya for eastern leaning desserts. La Belle Terre for Kouign Amann (though Bouchon on strip is just as good.) Freeds' for classic cakes. Montesano's for Italian desserts. Drago Sisters for the dulce de leche. Bonjour Bakery for the city's best croissants. Manan for Armenian pastry. Retro Bakery for Cupcakes. Jerry's Famous Coffee Cake for the Strawberry ring...

      1. Layers Bakery in Henderson or Spring Valley for Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Cake, Coffee Cake or Toffee Bars............Retro Bakery for Cupcakes and Choc Chip Cookies.....Drago Sisters for Brownies & Tiramisu, EisCream Café in Henderson or Mixers in Spring Valley for Ice Cream.
        Bouchon in The Venetian for the Valhrona Chocolate Cupcake and the Cream-cheese stuffed red velvet cupcake.

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          Layers only slices one cake daily, for those who don't know. Truly an odd policy.

          Bouchon's Cupcakes are $5, but worth every penny - their red velvet remains my reference standard.

        2. Jinju Chocolates at the downtown container park. Seriously good, reminds me of some of the best chocolatiers in Paris.

          1. Sorry to hop on the thread but anyone know of a good French macaron place? That is one thing I am looking for when I go next month.

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                Thanks for the rec. I know for sure there will be a visit to Bouchon.

              2. re: vttp926

                I agree with jackattack (about the Bouchon Bakery locations), but if you don't happen to be in the Venetian/Palazzo vicinity, then consider: Payard Patisserie (Caesars Palace); Jean Philippe Patisserie (Bellagio and Aria).

                1. re: vttp926

                  Bouchon is the best in Vegas. Payard is decent. Cannot recommend Jean Phillipe.