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Carrot Cake: Who has a good one to buy?

It's my mother's 80th birthday and her favorite is carrot cake.

I've tried Wuollet's, and have been extremely disappointed. [One little carrot on a cake? Come on! And no orange frosting to add more? Come on!]

I live in Mpls. but am happy to drive to suburbs / exurbs to get a great cake.

Who makes one?!

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  1. Cafe Latté has good carrot cake.

    1. I've liked the French Meadow version. I'd also check out Yum! Bakery. I've never tried their carrot cake, but their cakes, in general, are delicious.

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      1. Cossetta's has a pretty darn good carrot cake, if you like the dense variety. The frosting is excellent. Can't remember how many little orange carrots they decorate it with, though.

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          Carrot cake is dense and moist by definition. If you get one that isn't dense, it is made wrong!

        2. Thanks, everyone. Don't know why I didn't think of Cafe Latte. Will try that and Cossetta's to see which I like better.

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            It may be too late, but I thought Cafe Latte's was only ok - also, they don't always have it. (In fact, they rarely do.)

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              Just tried a piece. Agreed: Disappointing. Had to laugh about it being $5.75.

          2. Shish (which is apparently Buttercreams).

            1. I'd be more concerned about quality than about dyed decorations!

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                I agree. If you're more concerned about frosting carrots than the taste of the cake, you can buy extra cream cheese frosting (or marzipan) and food coloring at the grocery store.

                My favorite carrot cake is from the Birchwood Cafe. My mother (the ultimate carrot cake queen) prefers the Franklin Street Bakery. She says that Key's at Lex & Larpenteur is pretty good, too.

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                  It's a birthday. Sheesh. I want a great cake AND decorations.

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                    But the better the quality of the baked good, the less likely the chef is willing to use artificial colors.

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                      Then they can use natural colors.

                      1. re: ibew292

                        OK. But I'm still more interested in the thought, time, and money going into the quality of the cake.

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                          Yes and presentation is one of the most important quality that goes into a quality cake.....a great cake that looks bad will taste bad to 98% of the people. A great cake that look wonderful will appeal to 99% of the people...

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                            I didn't say anything about the cake looking bad - I simply said that artificial colors aren't part of a high quality cake.

                            1. re: sandylc

                              Most food competitions that I have judged have a score for appearance. I wonder how many of the Chefs use artificial colors? I don't think unless you are a Pastry Chef you know what they use.

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                                I have had both personal and business relationships with top pastry chefs who did not use any colors at all in their magnificent creations.

                                This conversation isn't likely to reach a conclusion, so I'll withdraw from it.

                                Different strokes for different folks.

                2. I was at LakeWinds Co-op in Richfield the other day and they were giving out samples of their in-house made carrot cake. It was so amazing, I'm still thinking about it. And I believe it was gluten-free. I eat gluten so I can tell you this was a super moist incredible cake. Give it a try!

                    1. So where did you end up getting your cake? I love carrot cake, so if you managed to find a good one, I'll put it on my list for the next visit!

                      1. My suggestion might not work for a birthday celebration at home, but the best carrot cake I've ever eaten was at the Rock Bottom Brewery in downtown Minneapolis.


                        The menu does not mention the caramel sauce served on the side. It's been many years, but that is still the best carrot cake I have eaten.