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Aug 6, 2014 06:04 PM

Restaurant wedding nyc

I am looking to have a wedding in a restaurant for 125 guests in a NYC (ideally bk or manhattan) that costs 120-190 a head ( for food and alcohol) that has the capacity for a ceremony and reception that lasts until atleast midnight.
Does anyone have any recommendations? It would be so greatly appreciated. Planning weddings is hard!

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  1. What type of wedding are you planning...formal/informal, what day of the week?
    Buffet or plated?

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    1. re: pbjluver

      I'm not sure if this answers your question regarding the formality, but I want a smart casual dress code, it's not religious but there will be a ceremony. Saturday ideally, buffet.

      1. re: snowgirl51

        Saturday night prices will be the highest.

        Do you have a date set yet...anything around the holidays will definitely jack up the prices.

    2. Have Mary Giuliani Caterering Group get you a venue that is unique with awesome food.
      Hey they do dinners, events, parties for the Hollywood Elite. They have someone named Tara there , that will make your wedding totally amazing. She did a friend of mine's wedding, quite memorable.