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Aug 6, 2014 06:02 PM

Ny wedding restaurant 125 people

I am looking to have a wedding in a restaurant for 125 guests in the Hudson Valley/Westchester that costs 120-190 a head (alcohol included) that has the capacity for a ceremony and reception that lasts until atleast midnight.
Does anyone have any recommendations? It would be so greatly appreciated. Planning weddings is hard!

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  1. My daughter got married at, "the Hilton Westchester" in Rye. It meets all of your criteria. We were very satisfied with the food and amenities.

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    1. re: LizGW

      I was considering a wedding at a hilton or large corporate hotel but i am going for a more rustic, less banquet hall type wedding if that makes any sense.

    2. You might try Vox in North Salem. They have a lovely outdoors and a nice room downstairs. Not sure about prices, but they do nice weddings and the setting is beautiful.

      1. You might look into CV Rich Mansion in White Plains. I'm not sure of their pricing but you could give them a call.

        1. I don't know if you can do a ceremony there but we had our son's Bar Mitzvah at The Fairways @ Dunwoodie in Yonkers and they have very reasonable wedding packages. We got very positive feedback from everyone and all the vendors she recommended were quite reasonable and we were happy with the ones we used.

          1. I would recommend Tappan Hill Mansion in Tarrytown.

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              Can't imagine that place would fit the OP's budget. I think the prices were higher than her budget 23 years ago when my brother got married (and that was before alcohol).

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                Pretty sure its within budget as I got married there. Although it was during recession..still worth checking.

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                  Then she definitely should check it out! Is Abigail Kirsch still the caterer?

              2. re: sdhound

                My BIL got married there six years ago and it was expensive then. It may depend on the time of year they want to get married.