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Aug 6, 2014 05:06 PM

Review of Yummy House in Arcadia

Yummy House touts itself as serving organic food prepared Hong Kong style. My review is short because we had only three dishes: hot & sour soup, Singapore noodles, and satay beef.

I was not impressed. The hot & sour soup lacked depth. It was hot and sour but not much else. The Singapore noodles were decent, but I've had better at other Hong Kong style restaurants. The satay beef was a disappointment. The beef was tenderized way too much. It was not recognizable as beef. There was too much satay sauce--it overwhelmed the dish.

The shortcomings are not because the ingredients are organic. I actually cook with home-grown organic veggies. The seasonings weren't done correctly. Perhaps other dishes would have been better. I wanted to like the restaurant, but I couldn't. Restaurants need to make a good first impression. Otherwise, customers won't have a motive to return.

Yummy House Chinese Cuisine
600 E. Live Oak Ave.
Arcadia, CA

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  1. Completely missed the 亮点, which is the localvore vegetable, now sold through 3 outlets and 2 farmers market.

    Talk to Betty about Brother's Farm and the upcoming CSA. Every Chinaman grows shit in the backyard, but it takes an army to run an USDA certified ranch in SoCal, without "outsourcing" to shady, wasted farms in Mexico.

    Yummy would kill P&C, supplied by a pesticide doused farm in Bakersfield, if it were in Santa Monica.

    1. I recently had a chance to go through much of the vegetables here.

      The fried kabocha with fried chopped garlic was one of the vegetarian highlights of the year. And I'm doubtful any restaurant, Chinese or otherwise, is sauteeing "wild" purslane with such adroitness in all of America. There is also probably not another restaurant in America serving organic, fresh, LOCAL, notogingseng.

      Yummy Arcadia is an amazing little thing being run by some really spirited folks. The Rosemead branch cooks a bit differently, but the vegetable sourcing is constant.

      If you care about greens, care about sustainability, and enjoy a good human interest story, check out this place. And if you enjoy the greens, sign up for a "CSA"/VIP card.

      FWIW, as previously noted, the Alhambra branch is gone.

      1. We had dinner at Yummy a few days ago, looking for an organic Chinese restaurant after Farm Cuisine closed. We had more Hong Kong styled dishes--the steamed chicken, scrambled eggs with clams, and the reddish stemmed spinach(English name escapes me, maybe purslane), and found the food to be quite on spot. The spinach was delicious--it had a meaty flavor that my wife said was sauteed with wine, but the waitress was clueless on its preparation. I could eat that everyday, and I don't like vegetables. The steamed chicken tasted relatively fresh, not frozen, and the ginger sauce was plentiful. Service was a little grumpy, and the ventilation needs some help, as we smelled a little like Korean BBQ, but the Cantonese styled food was very good.