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Aug 6, 2014 04:47 PM

Grant van Gameren's new restaurant at College/Palmerston

Anyone know anything about it? Same concept as Bar Isabel? Opening date set? All I know is that it's in the space that used to be Teatro.

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  1. Grant has recently been talking about opening a new place that will be a San Sebastian style tapas bar, I suspect that's what this will be, so more standing and sitting at the bar than tables (if any, although most have at least a few) and truly small plates, nothing more than two or three bites. I hope he doesn't plan to replicate the habit of the patrons just throwing their trash on the floor all night.

    1. San Sebastien style tapas bar? Be still my heart! When are we anticipating to know more?

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        If anybody can pull it off in Toronto Grant can but only because he's been building to it for a while and now has a following that will make it work, if anybody else tried to do it the complaints would be endless, no reservations, no or few tables, small portions, noisy, garbage on the floor (one aspect of the Spanish tapas bar I could kinda live without, it's charming for about 30 seconds until you get a napkin stuck to your shoe) dishes too simple etc. Although if I had to make a wild guess based on what he served at the PintxosTO thing he's probably headed more in the Fuego Nero/Cuchara San Telmo direction than the really old school places.

      2. Does anyone have any updates on this? I've seen Grant tweeting out that they are hiring cooks for their new place - but still no name. I'm so curious!

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          Last I heard was soft opening at some point in December. Saw some shots of the interior and design details - it looks gorgeous. Rumour is a bit more of a cocktail focus as Isabel keeps ramping up its wine program...

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            Thanks! Where did you see the interior shots? If they're online I'd love to have a look at them.