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Aug 6, 2014 03:46 PM

Costco Montreal

Do they carry any French or Quebecois specialty products that may be unique to the province/city?

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  1. I would say the wine/cheese selection is unique to Quebec as I haven't seen a whole bunch of items that are sold here in Ontario CostCo's (no wine in Ontario anyway)
    Last trip I saw oysters and some pates that I haven't seen elsewhere.

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    1. re: elvisahmed

      Costco has Quebec cheese, but it's almost all Saputo and Agropur and there aren't any that really stand out. Wines at Costco are bulk wines bottled in Quebec i.e. supermarket wine. There are convenient, but they are not worth seeking out.

    2. You can buy it elsewhere in town, but Costco Montreal usually sells the Lac Brome duck confit.

      1. I will ask in this thread as well..

        Are there any Costco's in Montreal that are better than others? Visiting from Ontario where we have some that have a better food selection than others (i.e. some premium products). Any rec for the best one for me to visit (driving this time and planning to go on Sunday on way back to Toronto)

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        1. re: ylsf

          Costco stores in Montreal are all very similar, but in my experience the ones on Bridge Street and at Marché Central are the most interesting for food items.

          1. re: SnackHappy

            The Bridge Street store is too small - for the best selection of anything, I would visit the one on the West Island (which is also on the way back to Toronto, via the 40). The only advantage to the one on Bridge Street is that they sell gas.

            1. re: cherylmtl

              I guess I'll have to go check out the West-Island location. I've never had a problem with the food selection at Bridge Street. In fact, I've found items there I didn't see in my former regular haunts of Brossard and Candiac. IMO, the only thing that sucks about the Bridge street location is that it has no pharmacy.