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Aug 6, 2014 03:40 PM

Ukyo in Azabu Juban

Hi Everyone,

As I was doing some research for a future trip to Tokyo, I came across a restaurant called Ukyo in Azabu-Juban in Tokyo from another person's blog: . From the looks of it, it looks very delicious and obscene (in a good way with the overwhelming usage of amazing ingredients such as Truffles, Uni, Caviar and Foie Gras.

Have any of you guys dined there? How was your experience If so as they're nearby Roppongi, do they have an english menu and/or english speaking staff?

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    1. re: mlbartender

      I am certinaly going to spend more than one evening here during my trip to Tokyo.

    2. Looks like Kadowaki's bargain basement.

        1. re: Roysen

          Hi, it's shown in the tabelog link I provided in my self reply. A slab of Foie Gras on a bed of rice; maybe even with truffles

          1. re: mlbartender

            It looks like "Japanese-style" sauteed foie gras, with no mention of truffles on the menu listing for it:

            It's a pretty casual-looking menu, with lots of Okinawan dishes. (Also no mention of an English menu, despite the fact that they sprung for a Gurunavi page in English, so I'm guessing they don't have one.)

            1. re: Robb S

              Thanks for the info! I've found out from your postings that you operate in which I'm a big fan of. I hope that maybe in the future that you could cover this place on your site :)

            2. re: mlbartender

              Saw it now. It was not much caviar though.

          2. That looks like a good find! I imagine that it's all small dishes to go with your sake rather than a prix-fixe meal.

            I don't think there's much correlation between a restaurant's location in Azabu-Juban and the provision of an English-language menu.

            Perhaps you could ask your concierge to call and ask if they'd put together a meal and sake-tasting set for you though....

            1. Looks great. Adding this to the wish list for my next trip to Tokyo