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Minetta Tavern: Still thinking about last night's dinner!

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Finally got here last night. We read so much about this place and sometimes, (actually a lot of the time), the hype is way better than the actual experience.

Not last night. We were promptly seated in a front booth which was great. Ordered a couple of the house drinks, both of which were extremely tasty.

As I've said before, a test of a good restaurant to me is their bread. MT's was out of this world good- as was their butter.

For appetizers we ordered the veal carpaccio which was a nice sized portion and very good. The oysters with homemade sausage were outstanding.

There were four of us at dinner, and of course we had to have the black label burger. But we also had to try the Cote de Boeuf. One person wanted their own BLB, and then the three of us had one BLB, which came out split three ways, (cute), and the steak.

We all took our first bite at the same time and all you heard at our table was, "Ummmmm"! All four of us were in heaven. The burger was absolutely perfectly cooked. The onions perfectly sautéed, and the bun, buttery and soft. A perfect, and hugely satisfying burger.

Now the cote de boeuf: I know I said this about the bread, but the steak was out of this world. We've eaten at many of the great NY steak houses, and as many people have said, this one was right up there with the best of them!!!

We were a bit full after devouring everything we ordered, (nothing left), so we passed on dessert. I will say, this was one of the best meals I've had in a while. The only disappointment of the evening, and truly it was a small factor, was our server. She really had no personality, and kind of did her job without very much enthusiasm . You'd think that at place like this with their incredible food, the wait staff would be a bit more upbeat, and into their guests feelings for the food and experience. Also, the bus people tried to clear our table a couple of times when we were still eating. I know they wanted to turn the table, but still, I think they could do a bit better in this area. As I said, this was a small factor in our dinner.

All I know, is the four of us were still talking about last night's dinner today...how often can you say that!! Looking forward to going back and trying more of the menu..I have a feeling that the rest of their food is just as good. 3.5 stars!!

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      We also had the potatoes as a side to the steak- total bill was around $400

    2. Thanks for your report. 3.5 out of how many stars in your rating system?

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        3.5 out of 4- took a 1/2 off for the service.

      2. I was there too, but in the back. Ordered two Cote de Bouef one rare and one med rare, despite our waitress trying to talk us out of the rare, the rare was the favorite. Our waitress was really cheerful. In the front was a server with glasses right?

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          We didn't have the server with the glasses. There was another person in our section. The person with the glasses was smiling all over the place.