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Aug 6, 2014 03:01 PM

Doughnut Dolly, Berkeley

Now open 1313 9th Street (at Gilman)- next to the new Philz
Cute little shop - 4 flavors today, along with coffee. She was very excited to be open and for people to be stopping by on the first day.

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  1. Inside Scoop said she'll be adding some savory items including a pulled-pork doughnut.

    1. I tried all four flavors today -- strawberry jelly, bourbon cream, chocolate and naughty cream (seemed like plain cream to me). I liked the chocolate best. The way the funnels squirt in the fillings is fun and the two women working there are friendly and quick, but I don't think I'll make a habit of the place. $3 ea is a lot. The unsweetened yeast donuts are fine, the fillings good, but I'd probably get a jelly doughnut from the Hopkins Street Bakery first.

      On a side note: the woman in line in front of me was writing a Yelp review on her phone, asking questions about parking, etc, and photographing her toddler sitting on the counter. Sort of off-putting. What is my neighborhood turning into?

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        "What is my neighborhood turning into?" Funny, just last night I was saying to someone "I hope it doesn't turn into Rockridge around here." As for the doughnuts, I've had them a couple of times in Temescal, and once at the new location. They are best eaten when freshly filled. I bought the most recent ones on a rather humid day and by not that many hours later, in the box (and each with paper around them), the sugar had disintegrated into the dough and paper. I like Hannah (no relationship other than a happy welcoming face and conversation as a customer), I like her product, and I wish her well. I'm also looking forward to see what sort of sandwiches she ends up serving, as it will make a convenient lunch option.

        1. re: Glencora

          Funny, that was exactly my reaction! I've had the doughnuts from the Temescal location in the past and thought they were fine if pricey, but for $1.75, Hopkins Street wins every time. I stopped to check out the new DD location anyway on Friday thinking maybe the doughnuts were more exciting than I remembered them being, but no dice. Between the bourbon cream doughnut and an iced coffee at Philz I spent $7.50 on breakfast...hard to justify when Hopkins Street doughnuts are (I think) equally tasty, if not as exotically filled, and I can get in and out plus coffee (albeit not fancy coffee!) for $3 and change. Still, there were plenty of people lining up for both spots, so I imagine they'll do well there once they get established. Lots of folks with babies and toddlers when I stopped in mid-morning, and that demographic is definitely growing in that neighborhood--if I lived west of San Pablo, I wouldn't want to trek all the way to Hopkins Street for Gioia's or the bakery, after all.

          1. re: artemis78

            Call me a cranky old fart if you will, but even more than dogs at farmers' markets, toddlers' butts on food service counters should not be tolerated. As the ginger man said, "Sh#t's sh#t Marion, even on judgement day."

          2. re: Glencora

            As long as Gilman St is still blowing punk, you'll have a little cred. If that shuts down, it's over.

          3. I'm a fan of the naughty (creme fraiche) doughnuts--worth $3 and better than those sold elsewhere!