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Aug 6, 2014 02:59 PM

Three New Chinese Restaurants in Hacienda Heights (Almost Side By Side)

Don't recall 3 new restaurants opening in such proximity, aside from the opening of a brand new shopping center. This is the shopping center on Azusa Ave. anchored by 99 Ranch Market. Northern Cafe actually opened in the spring in a space once occupied by Tea Station. While it features dumplings and pancakes, it also has a fair variety of regular entrees, including griddle cooked bullfrog. Honeymoon Food takes over from what was a string of dessert shops, and features Hong Kong style noodle and rice dishes. Spicy Home takes over from R J Patisserie and serves Sichuan style food. Almost everything in the menu is marked spicy, the major exception being a number of bacon dishes (bacon fried rice, mushroom bacon casserole, bacon with bamboo shoots). The shopping center is on Azusa Ave., immediately south of the Pomona Freeway, where Earthen and Shanghailder Palace remain the main attractions in the center.

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  1. Is that little Shanghai place at the north end of the parking lot still there? I had a couple good meals there then a couple bad ones. Didn't see it on Google just now. (and I may be wrong, but wasn't Northern Cafe around last year?). Either way, thanks for the update! That center is truly amazing.

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    1. re: cant talk...eating

      If you're talking about Tasty Noodle House (the one with the branch in Irvine, not the San Gabriel one) I believe it is.

    2. hit it up and report back on the double.

      that's like the eastern seaboard reaches of the SGV right, i'm still making my way through san gabriel.


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        Had the fish dumplings at Northern Cafe and they were OK. They were much busier than Honeymoon Food. Spicy Home is closed on Wednesdays. Hacienda Heights is not the eastern edge of the SGV Chinese food empire. It's more properly the western part of the eastern section. Dozens and dozens of places further east in Industry and Rowland Heights. Heavy Taiwanese influence out here.

      2. mushroom bacon casserole - is that with rice like a basic claypot kind of deal?

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        1. re: barryc

          It's in their "Casserole" section which includes frog casserole, croaker casserole and cauliflower casserole among others. Will stop back on a day they're open.

          1. re: Chandavkl

            wow, those casseroles sound dope.

            which place ?????

            thanks man, and thanks for usually being on the forefront of new openings in the chinese grub world.

            btw, is dumpling master in montrey park still open ????????


            1. re: kevin

              The casseroles are at Spicy Home. Monterey Park Dumpling Master closed a few years ago. Hacienda Heights closed last year.

            2. re: Chandavkl

              Perhaps the casseroles are "dry pots" a la Tasty Dining and Wok BBQ?

          2. Northern Cafe has changed name to "Dumpling House" in Hacienda Heights, and taken the Northern Cafe name to Cerritos. Chinese name for both restaurants remain the same. Probably for tax (evasion.. hehe) purposes.

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            1. re: TonyC

              Thanks for reinforcing the tax aspects of Chinese restaurant name changes.

            2. In addition to these, a few doors down in the same plaza, there's a new tea house, The Old Boys. Yeah, I realize a tea house opening is usually only "news" if you're a UCLA student looking for milk teas :) Turns out it's run by the son of the Stinky Tofu King. He's going for a traditional Taiwanese tea & snack place, aimed at guys (car mags, sports, manga).

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              1. re: JThur01

                Actually The Old Boys replaces the above mentioned Honeymoon Food. That was sure a short honeymoon. Perhaps it indicates the lack of demand for Hong Kong style food in that part of the world.

                1. re: Chandavkl

                  Thanks David. That's what I thought. Yes, quite a short honeymoon (good line too). Honeymoon Food came and went in the time since I last was in the area!

                  Does that bode poorly for Hong Guan in Diamond Plaza? ...or will a Tasty Garden style place serve a demand? (of course, there's the Rowland Garden in the HK Plaza, which was packed this past Sunday).