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Aug 6, 2014 02:52 PM

Rosendale, NY. Foodie haven

I'm surprised there's so little mentioned on this board about Rosendale, NY. The funky, two-block Main Street has one great eatery after another with more on the way. Here's a list:

Foxberry Inn: Breakfast and lunch. Charming space and garden with market-driven dishes sourced locally. Excellent coffee. Reasonably priced.

Rosendale Cafe: Vegetarian/vegan. Consistently good. Laid-back cafe with nice garden for seasonal dining. Great baked goods!

Garden something: It's new. Outdoor garden where they serve brick-oven pizzas. A restaurant is opening there soon with a talented local chef.

The Big Cheese: A cool cafe and vintage clothing store. Middle Eastern-style salads and sandwiches. All great. Very good baked goods and coffee too.

Bywater Bistro: Haven't been but have heard good things.

1850 House: Nice for a drink and snack on the porch that overlooks the water. Romantic.

The Alternative Baker: Vegan baked goods and light dishes that are surprisingly good.

There's a popular restaurant, the something tavern, that's great for a big meal. It's good, solid food. The restaurant is always packed.

This is on two short blocks. It's a fun, artsy, friendly place to shop and eat well.

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  1. The outdoor pizza and soon-to-be restaurant is The Garden House 12472 and the tavern is the Red Brick Tavern.

    1. been to Rosendale café many times. they get some great music too. you can go early, sit for dinner and stay at the table for the music.

      1. Love Market Market Cafe as well. Their avocado on toast is delicious.