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Anyone tried this new taco place on the Danforth?

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  1. I tried it twice. That's all!

    1. This evening I went back for a third visit, and took two friends. One of my friends has a Mexican mother and German father, so he knows his tacos as well as topfenstrudel.

      I only ordered two tacos as I had already eaten some food during happy hour at Globe. I ordered the "black and yellow" and "smoking mole" tacos. See description on this menu: http://www.tildetaco.ca/menu.pdf

      Both of these were bigger than I remember last time, and tasted very good. A tasty and spicier hot sauce than on my last visit was served with the tacos. My friends are big eaters, so each ordered the Korean chicken, Smoking mole, and Steakhouse tacos. Both of them enjoyed their meal and want to come back, my Mexican-German friend wants to bring his wife to try it out soon. (Friday is our car gearheads night). I really enjoyed the two tacos I ate and so did my friends. It looks like the tacos have improved in taste and size. We also liked the corn tortillas used for the tacos. So if you are in the area and are wanting some tacos, I'd recommend it now. I'll definitely be back again soon.