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Aug 6, 2014 02:36 PM

Private Brunch/Luncheon Spots In Savannah?

Hi, all. I'm looking to host a post-baptism brunch or luncheon in Savannah next month. I expect about 35 family members and close friends. I'm having a hard time finding a spot that's nice and still affordable. We'd like to keep it casual but still treat everyone to something tasty with some nice ambiance. Don't want to break the bank but have nightmares about another banquet event with dry chicken. Any suggestions, fellow foodies?

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  1. When I got married in Savannah we had the day-after brunch at SOHO South. It's a great space to have a more casual gathering. You could call them to see if they could accommodate your party.

    The Olde Pink House would also be good.