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Aug 6, 2014 01:43 PM


According to the following article on Shrimp, maybe so, Shrimp have turned into a staple of the American diet, BAD SHRIMP, that is!!

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  1. I would like some tasty shrimp right now.

    1. Ya' gotta love per capita stats. Somebody's out there eating a lot more than 4 pounds per year; because here it is August and I can tell you I've only eaten about half a pound of shrimp so far this year - and that's in two separate meals.

      For this not-wealthy American, shrimp, wild or otherwise, is not a staple of my diet. Doesn't mean I don't like it; goodness knows I really do! Just can't afford it, especially as I'm picky about what I buy.

      I'm not eating popcorn shrimp, or shrimp at Joe's Crab Shack, or at Red Lobster. Anytime I see an ad for Red Lobster, the only inducement for me there is to go out and buy seafood and cook it. With recent revelations, I won't buy shrimp from Thailand, anymore than I would buy crawfish from China. So, between finances, preference, ethics, and availability, I don't eat much shrimp.

      When I was growing up, shrimp cocktail was a luxury item, shrimp scampi was a special occasion dish. In many ways, for me, shrimp in general still is something for a special occasion.

      1. I was interested to see the report of business at Dean Blanchard's. I've bought from him for years although not lately. I did not know him business was down. I don;t know anyone who has abandoned Gulf shrimp.