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Aug 6, 2014 01:26 PM

5 lunches, 4 dinners

I am getting ready for my first trip to Las Vegas and, after much research on the board/Google, I would like some feedback on the list I have put together. I tried to include a variety of price points here so my husband and I don't return to Boston broke, but still experience some of the best the city has to offer.

Lotus of Siam
Earl of Sandwich


I intend to do the prix fixe at L'atelier and Sage, but was wondering if the omakase at Raku is considered a must-do experience.

I also thought about substituting a buffet in there somewhere because it's all you hear about when you mention Vegas, but it seems like for the cost there are better options.


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  1. I've eaten at Raku several times and never had the omakase. So, I don't know but apparently it's not considered a must-do by me. Going to Raku IS a must-do.

    1. Not sure where Earl comes in looking at the rest of your list, but you can always try it flying out of Logan.

      1. Nice list! Last time we dined at Milos we were a bit disappointed; the Lavraki was very small and my octopus was a slightly overcooked. My wife and daughter both enjoyed their meal, but our daughter's lamb chops were more medium rare than rare. Minor things, but not what we had come to expect from Milos. In fairness, this was the only time (we have been there at least a dozen times) that we weren't completely satisfied. I haven't been to the Peppermill since they revamped the interior - read one post indicating they had "ruined the vibe" by placing flat screen TVs everywhere!

        You might consider Fat Choy in the Eureka Casino; it's close to LOS. We have enjoyed it several times for lunch.

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          Love Fat Choy! Definitely recommend it for lunch.

        2. Drop Earl as it is all over America, move Burgr to lunch, and free up another dinner slot.

          1. Thanks for all of the input so far.

            Felt like I needed to add something really cheap to soften the blow of how much some of the other meals will cost and didn't realize Earl was a chain so will likely sub Fat Choy.

            I tried making a reservation at Bouchon for lunch, but it's completely booked. Is it usually truly this booked or is there the possibility of walking in to get a seat at the bar?

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              Bouchon doesn't do lunch. They serve a limited bar menu of oysters and the like. They do weekend brunch, and it is no-reservations walk-in only. Dinner is the only meal for which they accept reservations.

              Fat Choy is good stuff.

              1. re: lslao

                If it's not too late . . . I'd drop Bouchon entirely. I have eaten there twice, and it was SO MUCH WORSE than the Yountville location, I see no point in going a third time . . .