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Aug 6, 2014 12:59 PM

Bear's Smokehouse BBQ in downtown Hartford

I am admittedly not familiar with the original Bear's in Windsor but I heard that they opened up a second location in downtown Hartford, right next to Arch Street Tavern. Has anyone been yet?

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  1. I've been to the Windsor one and love their food. The Hartford one is closer to my home so I'll be checking it out soon. Yelp has a number of reviews on it already.

    1. Strange huh? Where to park? I read the article in the courant, but it wasn't clear if they make food there, or if it's brought in. I would have thought he'd find his own digs in Windsor, which the courant alluded to

      1. Looks like parking has been an issue (see their Facebook page, August 15th post with pic)--has anyone had trouble?

        Still need to get to Windsor. The pictures I've seen are very tempting!

        1. I tried their brisket and it was everything you'd want: tender with a perfect smoke ring. Loved it. It is somewhat Chipotle-style in regards to ordering: you go up to the counter and they pile on whatever you want for meats and sides as you walk down the counter, making their way through the lines efficiently. I believe they are open daily 11-10p so I can see myself bringing home a load of brisket for a quick dinner some nights. This could get dangerous. I still need to try the other meats.

          I walked to Bear's so I obviously didn't need to park but as kattyeyes mentioned, parking is an issue as it is everywhere downtown. Arch St Tavern most certainly will tow you if you park in their lot (and their signs tell you as much). There is limited street parking around and a garage across the street. I've been told that the owners are trying to work something out w/the garage owners for validating parking.

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              I think they must be making the food there as I get off the highway right across from the restaurant and I can smell the smokers going. It smells amazing and gets me thinking about lunch at 8am.

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                Yes. They are using a pellet smoker, you can see it when you are in the restaurant.

            2. We went with a family of five, on the early side last Saturday. No line, the staff were extremely patient and helpful as the kids tried to figure out their order. They loved the Bear Bowl of mac & cheese, meat and sauce. the adults ordered and brisket platter and ribs platter (beef ribs only on Saturday/Sunday I think)
              No issue with parking, lots of on street parking but we used the garage directly across the street $5 for the evening. We then walked around Front Street, crossed over to the Marriott walked along the path. Would definitely recommend Bear's and the Hartford location. Can't wait to go back.