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Aug 6, 2014 11:48 AM

Kouign amann - first foodie souvenir request

Just as the planning has begun, one of the hubby foodies staying at home has made a request for us to bring back one of these. Suggestions?

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  1. There is a shop named Kouign Amann on ave mont-royal near saint-denis. Theirs are sooooooo good. I suggest not eating any because you won't have any left when you come back to husband.

    1. At the bakery of the same name (Patisserie Au Kouign Amann) on Mont-Royal Avenue.

      1. Patrice P√Ętissier on Notre Dame west.

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        1. re: abbricot

          While Patrices' KA are wonderful they are rather small. I'd recommend buying an entire KA from Kouign Amann or bringing back a frozen one (made in France) from Cool & Simple.

          1. re: eat2much

            Frozen one would be great. I was going to buy one whole one at Kouign (they don't have a website, would I need to call?) but if the frozen one from France is better, I'd do that. Are they that good?

            1. re: eat2much

              OMG - just went on Cool and Simple's website. I don't know if I have a freezer large enough for all the goodies. Is it comparable to a Whole Foods or Eataly (but French)?

              They don't seem overly pricey...can anyone speak to any of the items they sell that they've had. How are the macarons compared to the ones at the bakery in Jean Talon?

              1. re: itryalot

                The frozen one at Cool et Simple is NOT better. I would still go with Boulangerie Kouign-Amann. Of course, if you can keep the one from Cool & Simple frozen until you come back home, that can be useful to store for later too.

                As for store itself, no, nothing to do with Whole Foods or Eataly. All their stores are small (like the picture on the website) and they almost only sell frozen food. They're like Picard stores in France.

          2. Funny, I was just going to add this to my recommendations on your other thread.

            The KA from KA is the best. Sweet, salty layers, carmelized bottom. I have had Kouign Amann from some of the most notable places in Paris and many other prominent bakeries throughout North America and none were worth remembering other than the eponymous one at Kouign Amann.

            My sister actually used to live right across from this bakery and it was her favourite. We actually took her some KA when we went to visit her in LA and it stood the flight and wait very well (she received it after 1 full day and it was still really good)

            Their Almond croissant is my favourite to date, too. I have had crunchier, sweeter, more crispy ones but the ones at KA are just perfect. Thomas Haas in Vancouver is my second favourite but his are slightly too sweet when compared to KA's.

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            1. re: quddous

              Do you think it would freeze well after a day and then just warmed in the oven when needed to serve a week later. I'd get a few then! I'd probably need to order, right? Do you remember how much a whole one was and the size?

              1. re: quddous

                Paris isn't the place to get KA, you need to go to Bretagne for the real deal.

                I will have to sacrifice myself and get one at the eponymous bakery here and report back, the things I do for Chowhound! :)

                1. re: jfprieur

                  Yeah! Yes, Bretagne. I am looking at that other store mentioned for some other items from Bretagne. Once, I found escargot in garlic butter from Bretagne (at Costco). I am hoping to find some Quebecois and French treasures, but won't be disappointed if I don't!

              2. This desert has to be eaten within 12 hours I was once told or it will be rock hard after. Maybe have it sealed air tight for the trip.

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                1. re: ZEEDAN

                  Id ask the bakers if I go to kouaig amann... They must know!

                  1. re: ZEEDAN

                    I know the OP has already returned from her trip but just thought I would chime in to agree about the short shelf life of KA, my most beloved pastry. I've never had one in Bretagne, alas, but the half dozen or more versions I've tried in Vancouver, Portland OR and San Francisco all suffer if not eaten early on the day they are baked. My favourite so far is the KA from Starter in the Bay Area.

                    1. re: grayelf

                      I know...had to eat it twice on our trip. Forgot to include that in my short TR. Didn't want to spend the, had I asked them to make one, freeze it for me to bake at home.....didn't think of that either!

                    2. re: ZEEDAN

                      So sorry but not true at all. I have had kouignn amann in Bretagne many times. I brought an entire one back home to NY for my family after it spent several days in Paris. It was still amazing.

                      I have only had them in Brittany and in Montreal so the ones made in other places must be different if they cannot last longer than 12 hours.