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Aug 6, 2014 11:31 AM

One night in Vienna...where to eat?

Will be there on a Sunday night...are many places closed on Sundays? Seeking the seminal Viennese experience.

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  1. On a Sunday night ???? EVERYTHING is closed !

    There will be no "seminal Viennese experience" on a Sunday night !
    You could either dine at one of the hotel restaurants, some better, some worse, none exceptional, or at Do&Co St.Stephan or Albertina.

    But maybe the best chance for a seminal Viennese experience might be the "Rote Bar" at Hotel Sacher:

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    1. re: Sturmi

      Agreed Sturmi, but I'd add in a quick aperitif in the Blue Room at Hotel Sacher before the Rote Bar.

      1. re: Sturmi

        I will also be there on a Sunday evening and am wondering where to dine. I listed the City Hall Open-Air festival as my dining choice for that evening. Good/bad choice? I don't care where I eat really as this will be my fourth and final night in the city.

        1. re: smaointe

          That depends.
          If you like a thick crowd of young people queuing up for hot sausages, fried noodles, gyros and chicken tikka masala, this is the right place…

          But wait. That is not all there is: you can also get lobster, steak, crepes, or fried fish, tapas and Wiener schnitzel…

          Here is the list of places offering their food on Rathausplatz:

          1. re: Sturmi

            We ate at Glacis Beisl on Sunday.

            1. re: Sturmi

              Holy moly! How am I going to decide? :-)

              1. re: smaointe

                Good Idea !
                The restaurant Holy Moly is open on Sunday, and quite an experience on a sunny summer evening:

                1. re: Sturmi

                  Strumi, I was intrigued by this but it seems like a place where the form precedes quality. I hope I am wrong...

                  1. re: Kurtis

                    No, you are not.
                    That is the reason why my primary response was: Everything is closed !! With everything of course I meant: everything worthwhile…

                    But when smaointe wrote "holy moly", I simply had to use that pun...

                    1. re: Sturmi

                      Haha, I see.

                      This is bit of my dilemma too actually as we are arriving on a Sunday. I have a responsibility to convert "Isn't Austrian food all meat-n-potatoes?" crowd with a great first meal, and my choice would have been a more modern or inventive Autrian place that are recommended such as Hollman Salon, Freyenstein, Konstantin Filippou, or Zum Finsteren Stern.

                      At this point, I am planning a Sunday lunch at Gasthaus Poschl which is an easy walk from our apartment. Zum Schwarzen Kameel would work very well too but based on reading their menu I fear it may be too meat-centric without selection of vegetarian options which we do need for this occasion.

                      1. re: Kurtis

                        Hello Kurtis,
                        Gasthaus Pöschl is an excellent idea. I was not aware they open on Sunday, but it seems that things are slowly improving !

                        Zum Schwarzem Kameel actually would be a great counterpoint to Pöschl, its ambiente being maybe the most original and interesting fin-de-siecle restaurant interior in town. If your require some vegetarian dishes, it should be no problem if you ask for it when making the reservation. This place has a large kitchen and should be able to fill every request !!

                        I really have to admit that you have made your homework, and this will be a great day in Vienna !!

                        1. re: Sturmi

                          Certainly not without your help Strumi!

                          It's great news to know that ZSK can accommodate vegetarian plates. I do have reservations on 3/4 of modern/inventive places mentioned above including Steirereck (80th B-day lunch for dad, hoping to seat outdoors weather permitting)so certainly looking forward to them. Again, many thanks Strumi. Your contribution on this board is very much appreciated.

                          Question: is there a couple of outdoor seating areas at Steirereck as it seems to be based on the website? If so any preference? How about inside?

                          1. re: Kurtis

                            Steirereck recently reopened after heavy renovation and redecoration. The do now NOT have any outdoor seating places, but rather have many large and removable windows, so that some of the tables are located near a large, sometimes open, window, some not...

                            You might ask for a window seating, and the window will be open, when the weather permits.