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Aug 6, 2014 11:23 AM

Le Louis XV-Lunch or Dinner

We'll be Monte Carlo for the day. Just trying to decide if we should go for the lunch or dinner tasting menu. Thoughts and or suggestion?


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  1. It depends...

    Do you want to dress up for the better part of the day to go to a restaurant or wait to dress up in the evening ?

    At lunch there is a "lunch" menu which is less expensive than the main tasting menu.

    There are 2 tasting menus that seems to be available both at lunch or dinner.

    I you want to do some sightseeing, then book in the evening; if you do not care about sightseeing, then book at lunch, that will leave you time to digest and recover by the beach/pool !! :-)

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    1. re: Maximilien

      I enjoyed lunch because we sat on the terrace in the sunshine. As Maximilien said, depends how much you want to spend and what you are looking for.

      We had to get the bus back to Nice :-)

    2. Like mr gimlet we had a great lunch out on the terrace, it's a wonderful spot in the summer.
      I hadn't thought many diners travelled there and back by bus but we have that in common with him too!

      1. I went for lunch. It is 145 euros including a bottle of wine for 2 plus water and coffee. You get amuse, starter, main, cheese and dessert from a seperate menu that has plates from the regular menu. For example the fish I had was 100 euros pp in the regular a la carte menu. you can see it here

        For dinner there are 2 menus, one with only vegetables and one regular at 310 euros without beverages.

        1. Thanks for the replies everyone. We do plan on doing some sightseeing which is why I'm thinking about lunch. This way we don't have to dress up too formal. Any tips on the dress code will be appreciated. We will dress appropriately, just not sure how dressed up the jacket will have to be for hubby. We'll be travelling by train from Nice for the day.

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          1. re: gourmet wife

            When my wife and I went she wore a dress, chic but not especially formal. I wore an open-necked shirt and a summer linen jacket, not a suit and no tie. I would think any kind of jacket for your husband would be fine.

            1. re: gourmet wife

              When I went with friends it was late April so the lunch was inside and not on the terrace. We were dressed with a shirt and suit , no tie as I saw that jacket is requested. But near to us there was sitting a Chinese guy wearing a red t-shirt. So I suppose they are not very strict with the dress code as they might be in paris or London . I would definitely avoid trainers and shorts but other than that I don't think there would be any problem .

              1. re: Giannis

                "a Chinese guy wearing a red t-shirt"
                It's all about the abs and biceps. Some I know couldn't ever carry this off.

                1. re: Giannis

                  My advice is to always think about what you will be comfortable in rather than what you are going to get away with. If you are comfortable you enjoy the meal, if you keep worrying about being under or over dressed it detracts from the experience.

                  A decent linen jacket and collared shirt blends casual and smart and should be light enough to stroll around town.

                  And who knows - the diner in the red t-shirt could have been a guest staying in their top suite so rules maybe more flexile for them.

                  1. re: PhilD

                    "If you are comfortable you enjoy the meal..."
                    Quite agree, that was our approach.

              2. Maybe you should also look for Joel Robuchon there. They have nice lunch options with modest prices.

                I would bet a lot though that Robuchon in Metropole is not even close to Le Louis XV. So I suggest you to look at it only if you can eat there for lunch and have dinner at Ducasse.

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                1. re: Giannis

                  I would love to do both lunch and dinner but I don't think our stomachs are large enough for two tasting meals in one day !!! =(