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Aug 6, 2014 11:22 AM

anything north of port Huron?

We will be renting a cottage near Port Sanilac Michigan. Anything or place in a 40 mile radius to try or eat?

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    1. Right in downtown Port Sanilac is a little hole in the wall called Mary's Diner. For dinner only, they serve a very good chicken marsala with the brightest neon orange sweet potatoes you've ever seen. The dish is very good (I've had it myself) and my parents love it. Gotta say this, though: my dad went there within the last month, and apparently the chef in the kitchen that night was a new/different person, because the chicken marsala wasn't up to its usual snuff.

      That being said, it's still a pretty solid bet, and it's walkable in downtown Port Sanilac. The place itself isn't much to look at, but that chicken marsala is worth it (dinner only, remember), and I understand that their salads at lunch are not just huge, but good, too.

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        We had breakfast at Mary's last fall, and it was standard but well prepared.

        If you want dive bar atmosphere and a good burger, the Port Hope Hotel, up the road a bit, will fill the bill.

      2. Last year I posed a similar question about Michigan's Thumb in general. Someone recommended the Farm and it was very worth it. However, the place is just south of Port Austin, which I think is outside your 40 radius.

        1. Thanks all will report back!

          1. If your drive takes you by Sarnia, ONT, you might cross the border for:

            Purdy’s Fish Market
            1 Riverfront Road
            (South of the Casino)
            Point Edward, ON


            It's right near the bridge on the water with a river view and a great seafood reputation.