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Aug 6, 2014 11:00 AM

Best Clam Strips and/or Lobster Roll near OOB or Ferry Beach

I am staying at Ferry Beach at the end of August, and need my fried clam and lobster roll fix. I realize that you must get tired of touristy questions like this, but I'm from outside Philadelphia, so what the heck do I know? Suggestions?

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  1. You won't get many responses on the OOB area. I have been trying to get the same info and have come up short. Based upon my research and not personal experience, you might want to try Bayley's Lobster Pound in Pine Point or Huots in Saco. I intend to try them next week and will give you an update.

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      Thanks. Last year we headed towards Saco, got very lost, and ended up at a place that was terrific. Of course we never wrote down the name of the town nor the name of the place (it was diner-ish). Duh.

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        I can only give you a review on Bayley's Lobster Pound. It was pretty good but I don't have any others that week to compare to. The roll was $11.95 with a good roll and a decent amount of lobster. It came dry, and they give you some mayo on the side.

        We ended up having a big lobster dinner at my Wife's Uncle's camp so that gave me enough for the week.

        My son liked the one at Broad Arrow Tavern in Freeport better, but mainly because he got the big giant $25.00 one. It also came with the drawn butter on the side.

      2. For lobster roll head up to the lighthouse in south portland park and look for the lobster roll truck. Sit on a picnic bench overlooking the water.

        Run of the mill makes a decent roll. Its in downtown saco

        1. P.S. No clam strips in Maine! That's a no no except at howard Johnson's circa 1970

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            We had them last year! Big diner-ish place, with a sign that touted their clam strips. Way better than anything HoJos ever had, BTW. Also saw lots of "shacks" along the OOB road that had signs out for them. The problem is that most of those "shacks" are closed by the time we go. Not everyone is a whole belly fan.

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              You could slice up an old tire, dredge the slices in batter, and sell them as clam strips to the tourists. 8<D