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Bakeries and sweets in Cairo

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Husband and I will be in Cairo next week. Can anyone recommend great pastry/sweets shops in downtown, Old Cairo, or Islamic Cairo? Looking only for Egyptian sweets, nothing European as I live in London. Would also be helpful to know what interesting things I should be looking for? Am happy to take a car further out for something amazing....thank you!

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  1. This is an interesting question. I lived in Cairo for a year, and really did not experience much in the way of native Egyptian sweets. Most bake shops we encountered did fairly unexciting versions of French pastries, which are considered very chic. The one exception would be "Egyptian Pancakes," or fateer. In the Khan a Khalili there is an Egyptian Pancake house, and the sweet versions -- made with honey, or bananas, or other fruit -- were one of the best native foods I had to eat there. The savory version with cheese is fantastic too.

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      Fateer - this is bringing back a truly excellent food memory.

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        Yes, it was the absolute best!