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Aug 6, 2014 08:48 AM

DC: Location near Penn Q for Baby Shower Cocktails Next Week

Looking for a location near Penn Quarter for an informal baby shower with mocktails, real cocktails and good snacks for approximately 10 people. And, yes, I need to do this next week during the week.

I want it to feel special, but I am not sure we can swing the budget necessary for a private room. I am thinking $30-35/pp before tip.

Many thanks!

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    1. How about grabbing a table at the courtyard at Poste? It's a really lovely environment and they have good cocktails and snacks (hello truffle fries!). Maybe if you call ahead of time they can reserve a table for your group.

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        the nice thing about that courtyard is it is really sort of glam and since it's outside, but off the street, you can actually hear each other talking without shouting (I know weird huh?)

        they do have reserved seating on the raised terrace, but there may be an expectation involved. yet I have always liked lurking at a distance against the South Wall "Marche a Lombre. toujours."

      2. The Partisan is a cool new spot. Not positive about their seating, but worth checking into.