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Aug 6, 2014 08:37 AM

Any favorite online sources for Blue Mountain Coffee?

I had BM coffee in Jamaica years ago and someone recently brought me back some, which we've been enjoying more than our usual Philz. Does anyone have any favorite online sources?

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    I've purchase JBM three times. The last was in the form of green beans which I roasted myself. I have no way of knowing if any were the "real McCoy", but all had the same basic flavor (as best as my tastebuds could remember), all were pricy, and I didn't go crazy for any of them. That said, I include this link to Sweet Maria's so you can read their opinion.


    Do you belong to costco?

    Fairway has a large turnover rate and excellent coffee dept. note this is for 12oz

    This company is one of the oldest with an excellent reputation and father astonishing prices


    Mexico. ;-)

    Seriously, a coffee shop in ... California I think it was, had the Best Jamaican Blue Mountain -- until someone figured out it was actually Mexican coffee. Oh, the sturm and drang! People fooled are people steamed!

    JBM is either insanely expensive (and thus a poor value), or you'd be happier with something else anyway.