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Aug 5, 2014 04:56 PM

Tapas recommendation please?

I'm looking for a fun tapas place with good food and a decent wine list. I've liked and frequented Txikito a lot in the past, but am looking to try a new place. Any suggestions?


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      1. Boqueria. Sala on 19th St is also good.

        1. +1 for tertulia
          I love casa mono but they do take a certain creative license with the menu
          Close to txikito (and owned by the same people)is el quinto pino and el comedor- i much prefer the space of el quinto pino over el comedor but it is very small and can be busy. You can order from the entire menu there as well.
          Salinas is also still very good, and not as crazy busy as it once was so reservations are easier

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          1. re: Ttrockwood

            Our dinner at Casa Mono this past weekend was just OK, not great. I think I still prefer Txikito or Tertulia more.

            We got the right most counter seats near 17th St, at the back counter by the jamon, possibly the least crowded seats in the house since you don't have people trying to get past you. This was nice. A/C was on full blast, though.

            Foie gras with cinco cebollas was great but they seem to serve their seared foie gras lukewarm (this has happened to me more than once). I wanted the razor clams, they were out (again--this has happened to me multiple times), so we got the mussels with chorizo and cava. Good, little clams, but found the chorizo one-note & overwhelming over a while. Mushrooms with garlic were great, a little too salty by the time you got to the bottom of the dish.

            Pork belly with raw tuna with balsamic onions and summer chile peppers was very much a "meh." Ingredients looked stellar on paper, dish never came together, was missing a certain something. Ditto for the rabbit with habanero yogurt and Casa Mono kimchee. It was served with a pile of very briny, pungent, shredded pickled brussels sprouts that were strange and didn't add anything to the dish. The roasted rabbit leg was covered in sugary pepper jelly, make it too sweet to eat. Rabbit kidney and liver were oddly flavorless (and I love offal). The best part was the two small pieces of fried rabbit, but they were served so hot that you couldn't pick them up. Eh.

            1. re: kathryn

              How was the frequency of the dishes coming out? A few weeks ago at CM we ordered 5 dishes. Got 2 fairly quickly, and the other 3 came out at the same time minutes later. One of the quickest meals ever.

              They sat us in the other corner, on the Irving side next to another couple which felt a little awkward because it was just us and them the entire time

              1. re: Ziggy41

                We were done eating in a little over an hour. Pacing of foie first and then followed by mussels was good. Then a decently sized pause. Rabbit, mushrooms, and pork/tuna all came at once, which was a little much.

              2. re: kathryn

                Hmm. Sorry to hear that! Perhaps i'm biased because their vegetarian dishes have been well executed....
                I wish tertulia were easier for me to get to- casa mono is and therefore has a slight edge.

              3. re: Ttrockwood

                I like the space at El Quinto Pino. Stopped in Sunday and spent $92 all in on 3 tapas and 3 glasses of wine and left hungry. Food good but small portions. The Uni Panino is now quite small and thin. Gambas al ajillo while delicious and high quality seafood, were 4 shrimp I believe.

                1. re: thegforceny

                  I love it for drinks and a few snacks, but yeah- if you're legit hungry it gets expensive quickly.... I loved their ajo blanco version of gazpacho a few weeks ago.

              4. How strict are you about your definition of "tapas"?

                Will "sharing" and "family-style" suffice?

                If so, I suggest you consider Old Tbilisi Garden. Interesting Georgian food in Greenwich.

                Georgian pizza (khachapouri), Georgian XLB (khinkali) and beef stew. All good, and perfect to share.

                Old Tbilisi Garden
                Bleecker (and Sullivan)