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Aug 5, 2014 03:15 PM

Beef jerky in austin or mail order

I know of a great place in Bishop, CA but not wanting to pay the shipping costs. I have had Buc'ees but too far south. Any suggestions? I love all flavors!

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  1. The Hudson Sausage Company on South Congress makes a traditional peppered jerky out of beef, venison or buffalo.

    For local area mail order, try Mahlon's in Leander (lots of flavors like sweet jalapeno or charred pineapple) or Rust Meat Market in New Braunfels (a nice mesquite smoked jerky).

    1. Desert Blend out of Pflugerville. I've had several varieties and it's very good:

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        Robertson's in Salado has excellent beef jerky.

      2. Johnny G's has good house is an old fashioned butcher shop

        1. Central Market sells "bulk" pork and beef jerky in several unique flavors. At the south store the display is near the wine. Not familiar enough with the North store. I think it's made by Golden Island (they make that awesome Korean BBQ jerky for Costco), but their website seems to indicate that they may not be making nearly as many flavors as they used to. Either way, the stuff at CM is very good, IMO. You can buy just a couple bites and then come back for the ones you really like.

          1. There's Whittington's in Johnson City (they do mail order).