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Aug 5, 2014 12:09 PM

Blackfish in Truro or PB Boulangerie Bistro in Wellfleet?

We'll only be in Wellfleet for one week and we're trying to decide where to eat.

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  1. These are entirely different experiences. I like PB very much for their bakery, not so much for meals.

    I like Blackfish a lot, I thnk the food is excellent but I dislike the really closed in feeling on a cape vacation, so we only go if it rains.
    I suggest Mac's shack or Ceraldi, both in Wellfleet( though Ceraldi is more spendy.)

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        Wellfleet has great food, and yes - exactly - line up at PB for bread and croissants (or even homemade jam) to go (if you get extra, those day old croissants make the finest french toast I have ever eaten, BTW), but not for their coffee, cocktails, or dinner - this is based on 4 dinner disappointments and no wins over two seasons

        Blackfish has excellent food and service, but is very much an indoors venue - I really like it after dark for a nice dinner.

        Mac's Shack (on Commercial St, not the Pier) for sushi and any other seafood is always top notch, but try to go off peak and be very patient as it is extremely popular.

        I know opinions and reports are mixed on The Bookstore, but if you get an outdoor table upstairs overlooking Mayo Beach, it's hard to beat. The raw bar and service there have always been solid to strong for me over a number of years and visits.

        Similarly, the deck and raw bar outside at The Beachcomber at Cahoon Hollow around happy hour times is a must with every stay in Wellfleet for us when it's open.

          1. re: rlh

            I haven't been to the Beachcomber for years because we no longer go to the cape in season but I do remember it fondly.