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Aug 5, 2014 10:47 AM

Buzzards Bay dinner

I am going to Buzzards Bay for a sailing regatta( staying in Cataumet) . We have one night free and need room for a total of 6 adults. A local suggested either The Courtyard or The Parrot. Anyone tried these?

I don't see many great reviews for these places but I think the host thought they were close to the place where a cocktail party is being held beforehand. However we have cars and can go anywhere within reason. Would rather have really good food.


Thanks ahead of time; I love the recommendations I get here

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  1. The Bog, but it's been a couple of years since I've been. Wasn't impressed by the Courtyard or The Parrot.

    1. Lindsey's in Buzzards Bay has excellent food and service. It's been there for over 50 years. Nobody leaves disappointed. I would not recommend The Courtyard or The Parrot. Good Luck.

      1. Why go across the bridge? There are better restaurants in Falmouth.

        1. The Inn at Olde silver Beach I think it is the Sea Crest) in N. Falmouth might be a better bet. Nice location.

          For Dinners/lunches the Chartroom in pocassett is one water with nice views.and on rte 28A in N. Falmouth there is a great place, the Silver Lounge

          1. Thank you for all the recommendations. Another couple who will be traveling with us, discovered Osteria la Civetta her on Chowhound. They had dinner there last night and loved it ; so they went ahead and made dinner reservations for all 6 of us for Friday night. I just read about it here and checked out the menu. Having spent 3 nights in Bologna, which is where the food at the restaurant is based, I know this will be a good choice.

            By the way, for all 3 of my trips to Italy, including Bologna, the recommendations here were simply outstanding.

            So the decision is made and I know I will be happy.