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Aug 5, 2014 10:25 AM

Near Evora - need local food markets

I'm staying for a week to the East of Evora (nr Sao Sebastiao da Giesteira) and want to find local food markets as often frustrated by arriving just when the traders are closing!!! Can't stand supermarkets for anything other than bleach. Speak Portuguese and have car. Any recommendations and timings??

Already going to Mourao to the Adega Velha

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  1. I would think your best choice is the municipal market of Evora Like most, it opens at 7am, and is practically closed by 1pm. It has the added bonus of an underground gourmet shop called "Divinus" right next to it...
    There is also a daily market in Montemor-O-Novo and you could have lunch at "l'And" the new Michelin star restaurant.
    Ho did you end in the capital city of Sao Sebastiao da Giestera???

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      Thanks Monchique, very helpful, I will certainly go to the markets you mention. We are staying on an old cork farm a few kilometers from S Sebastiao. I like being in the middle of nowhere and the people are so nice.

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        and any good local vineyards or wine merchants you can recommend? thank you!

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          You are in the heart of the Alentejo wine region. The first name that springs to mind for évora is the Fundação Eugenio Almeida. They have a wine bar / restaurant in the centre of Evora, near the temple of Diane called "Cartuxa". Good place to start... "Divinus" mentioned above has a nice selection of wines. Look at this website They have a good interactive map.