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Making Chipotles?

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Has anyone taken red, ripe, Jalapenos and smoked them to make into Chipotles? I have a couple of Jalapeno plants and I'm thinking of doing this. Split in half, 4-6 hours of fruit wood cold smoke (under 140F), then if needed finish drying at 125F in the dehydrator.

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  1. I do this every year. It does work better if you slice them in half lengthwise. They will dry faster. They will keep until the next batch is ready the following year.

    1. I have done the opposite.
      Dehydrator till leathery and then cold Smoke for a couple of hours.

      1. Tis the season, huh? I use red and green, split them, smoke over hickory near 200F,and chop'em up and use like red hot pepper flakes. Takes 3 hours max in my rig