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Aug 5, 2014 10:01 AM

Swerve sweetener?

Has anyone ever tried a sweetener called 'swerve'? Is it truly safe for diabetics the way they say it is? From their website, it sounds too good to be true... at $11 a pound, I wouldn't be using it often, but if it really works the way they say it does it would make life a whole lot simpler.

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  1. You have to test for yourself, but it's a combination of erythritol and oligosaccharides. Some folks spike from the former and get a ton of gas from the latter. Truvia, in the supermarket, is also erythritol, but mixed with stevia, I believe. The best results I get are mixing granular xylitol ( or your natural grocery are good places to buy this) half and half with liquid sucralose drops, the stuff in Splenda without the high carbs from bulking agents ( Xylitol is cheaper and does not have the annoying cooling mouth sensation and grittiness in baked goods that erythritol has. Mixing sweeteners almost always is better than using one alone.

    1. You can email them on their site to get samples. The samples arrived about a week and a half later. Funny enough, I didn't actually try them. I did get samples of straight erythritol from Wholesome Sweeteners and I liked those:

      For me, I just hate the taste of artificial sweeteners and I just cannot abide by Stevia or anything else like that. As soon as I bought a package of the Wholesome Sweeteners Zero, I used it to make a chocolate chip cookie recipe and I was so happy to find a sugar alternative for baking! My main weak point as a diabetic is cakes and cookies. I'm glad that I can at least make up a batch of these cookies when I'm feeling a craving of baked goods: It uses almond flour instead of regular wheat flour so you're essentially eating pure vitamin E along with being extremely low carb.

      My friend who was getting off sugar now uses xylitol and she had me try a bit when she was making ice cream. Xylitol tastes way more cooling to me than erythritol. It still tasted good in the ice cream, so I think those two sweeteners will be my main ones going forward.

      Oh, and I didn't notice a spike in my blood sugar after eating several of those cookies.

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        Wow, not only is xylitol much less cooling, it also bulks and moisturizes just like sugar. I hate artificial sweeteners, too, especially Splenda, but mixed half and half with xylitol, I make a better lower carb sweetener with no bad taste.

        I wasted too many expensive ingredients on stuff that had crunchy, recrystalized erythritol. I use it in stuff like cranberry sauce and rhubarb cobblers, or mixed with other stuff where the grittiness and the cooling are tamed.

      2. I've never really tried to use any sweetener except splenda, and I was disgusted with how it bakes up... it was okay in cheesecake, apple slice/pie, and pumpkin pie where most of the bulk comes from fruit/vegetables/dairy and you just need a bit of sweetness, but AWFUL for cake or cookies - they came out like cardboard and tasted absolutely VILE the next morning. I don't like aspartame at all... and I don't think I'd like stevia either - the two commercial products I've tried with it both had a horrendous bitter aftertaste. But one time we got a (rather expensive) cake mix that used stevia and it was delicious, shame it was a one-off and the grocery store never had them again. I used to use the Pillsbury sugar-free cake mix and sugar-free frosting, but the last cake I made with it upset both of our digestion massively so I tossed it in the trash and swore never to buy it again...

        I've been baking regular cookies today to take to church and I feel kind of guilty that John can't eat them...

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          I get a disgusting mouth feel and off taste from Splenda and granular is 24 gms of carbs per cup. But the liquid mixed half and half with a sugar alchohol lowers your carbs from sweetening without those issues at all.

          Stevia is just not on my list of stuff I want or need.

          1. re: mcf

            I wanted to like Stevia. My tastebuds (and this could be me) detect a very bitter aftertaste from it. I've tried a packet in my morning coffee, and also in an iced tea. So sadly, even if it lowered bg, the taste is offputting.

            1. re: pinehurst

              I've tried several stevia products and Truvia tasted much better to me than others.
              Nunaturals makes a very good vanilla stevia as well as other products- they will send you free samples to try first!

              1. re: Ttrockwood

                Truvia is pretty much all erythritol with a molecule from stevia tossed in so they can allege it's stevia "based" but it's not.

        2. I completely forgot that I have heard good things about tagatose, have it in the house, but have yet to try it. Might want to look into it.

          1. Looking around the grocery, Publix sells Swerve for ten dollars a bag... think I'll take your advice and ask the manufacturer for a sample before I invest that much cash. They also had a low-carb baking mix for $6 from Bob's Red Mill...