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Aug 5, 2014 10:00 AM

Vernor's ginger ale anywhere in Brooklyn?

I'm from Los Angeles where I can get Vernor's ginger ale in almost any market, and even in some convenience stores and drug stores like CVS. However, since moving to Brooklyn, I haven't seen the soda anywhere. I was craving it the other day when my stomach was misbehaving and decided to put out a query here. I can order from Amazon if I must, but its rather expensive and I'd rather try to find a local source. Thanks!

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  1. I haven't seen Vernor's in years in NYC just in Phila. But I found it interesting that Dr.Pepper owns the brand now.

    1. They serve it at the bar Daddy's in Williamsburg. Owner(s) are from Michigan. Was surprised to see it there, grew up drinking it on annual trips to visit grandparents in Cleveland. If you've never been, they have hot dogs as well. They also own Mothers up the street but I don't know if they serve it there as well.

      1. Wish I could get some Tom Thumb mint ginger ale here as well! Love that stuff ...

        1. Recent google search uncovers: "In New York, Vernors has been known to pop into the case at Brooklyn's Court Street Grocers."

          Don't see it for sale on-line but maybe call/tweet the stores?

          1. Second the Court Street Grocers - I am a regular there and it is almost always there.