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Aug 5, 2014 09:17 AM

Service issues?

We're looking forward to spending several weeks in New Orleans next winter (2015), and have started researching the area. We've started a list of restaurants that sound great, but quite a few (Dominique's, Coquette, Herbsaint, eg) have gotten horrible yelp reviews of service--ranging from inordinate wait times even with reservations, rude or inattentive wait staff, rushed service, etc. What gives?

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    1. re: Blumie

      Agree on Yelp.

      I only had truly bad service in New Orleans better restaurants once, and that was Lilette. I recently went to give them another try and accidently made the reservations at Coquette. Meal and service was excellent.

      A meal at Herbsaint, while not great had satisfactory service. It can happen.

    2. I've not heard any negative reviews of Herbsaint or Coquette...I recall some probelms at Herbsaint a few years ago but nothing bad has happened to me there and I've never had trouble at Coquette. I'm fairly easy to wait on, though, so perhaps I am not as demanding as some.

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      1. re: hazelhurst

        I haven't looked at the reviews, but I wonder if cultural differences play a role. I'm a classic Type A New Yorker, but the moment I land in New Orleans, a calm washes over me. My typical New York attitude absolutely would not play in NOLA (not just in the restaurants, but anywhere in the city), and I can see visitors feeling like they're receiving less-than-stellar service if they haven't properly adjusted to the NOLA vibe. I don't mean to suggest that customers need to accept bad service, yet still one needs to be more relaxed in NOLA than in, say, NYC.

        1. re: Blumie

          Good point. We're hoping to relive/absorb some of that NOLA vibe, having had a fabulous trip there many years ago. Looking back, I can't recall service anywhere being sub-par, so I was wondering if things had changed that much.

          1. re: Blumie

            I remember a review of local restaurants years ago in some travel magazine in which the reviewer described being shocked at an Antoine's waiter leaning over the table while taking the order. He thought it was too casual. But I've had waiters sit down at the table with me if they weren't too busy and we catch up on things.(Recently the conversations have become more about waiters who are dead..the list getting longer but at least I have others who have fond memories.)

            1. re: hazelhurst

              Oh, that's funny! I can't imagine getting upset about a waiter leaning over the table.

              Sorry to hear that so many of your acquaintances have passed on.

          2. re: hazelhurst

            The Golden Rule (not a new joint in the Quarter..) almost always serves one well. Look 'em in the eye, greet 'em, be a human enjoying other humans. And what's the point to being demanding?
            HH, the easier one is to wait on, the liklier one'll receive good service, no ?

            1. re: brucec

              Absolutely right, brucec. Seems that my concerns were somewhat unfounded, or at least unduly influenced by disgruntled yelpers.

          3. It's the Big Easy not the Big Quickie. If you are relaxed and friendly the service is too.