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Whatcha Eating Tonight?

The people in my house have a history of starting small -- a nice iced decaf and some fresh fruit and yogurt, say, or a salad -- and then eating random things all night. Thought I might actually.... plan a meal. Looking to be inspired by your plans but not to work too hard. Ideas?

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  1. Have you seen the What's For Dinner threads? They could be a good source for you.


    ETA: oops, just realized this is on the Kosher board. Does Special Diets get into kosher?

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      Nope, or I should say, only by happenstance. The kosher board is the place for kosher meal ideas! :-)

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        Was looking for menus specifically for after today's Jewish fast day. Thanks!

      2. Check your twitter feed. On mine, @LoneTreeBeer, owner of one of Israel's best micro-breweries in Israel, just posted photo of an after-the-fast tray filled with what look like smoothies

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          Oooh... smoothies. Sounds great and not to much effort to make or to drink.

        2. Cold strawberry soup and omelettes.

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            We will eat omelettes on English muffins, with fruit and cake for dessert.

          2. Potato leek soup, bagels, whitefish and tuna salad. Fresh fruit for dessert.

            1. Peanut butter chocolate cookie dough doughnut, a granola bar, and then maybe some mac & cheese leftover from last night.

              1. Coffee and Danish first......................

                Then tossed salad and assorted puff pastry based appetizers, mushroom puffs, cheese straws, spanikopita, mini potato knishes, mini mushroom knishes, mini kasha knishes.

                All items that i make in quantity and freeze in bags of a dozen. I've done enough cooking and pizza baking this week, tonight has to be easy.

                1. Tonight I'm going with a baked pasta dish (probably stuffed shells with ricotta and spinach) and some "healthy-ish" oatmeal muffins. Plus some fruit and iced coffee, of course!

                  1. Here's what on notable Brooklyn chef broke his fast with in Jerusalem. https://www.facebook.com/hassidhipste... tonight.

                    Me? I'm gonna eat leftovers.

                    1. Cheese blintzes, buttered toasted everything bagel, danish and a cup of coffee.

                      1. Meal is coming together based on your inspiration. A feta kale bread recipe that I've been wanting to try. Omelets. Iced coffee, perhaps with a scoop of low-fat vanilla ice cream. Fruit. Thanks, all. Have an easy and meaningful rest of the fast.

                        1. Now that it's the morning of 10 AV...............

                          Salami and Eggs with home-fries and rye toast for breakfast..............

                          This carnivore has a lot of catching up to do

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                            I'm glad we got a description with the picture. I thought it was a clafoutis or similar cake with slices of red plums, which seemed like an odd choice.

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                              actually this is the time of year my mother always mad Italian prune/plum cake..............

                              But salami and eggs, pancake style was the one dish that my father and grandfather could cook. I learned at an early age.

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                              Boom, bagelman. I'm with you on the post that ws just removed. And, FYI, in our family, we are "chalishing" for our deli sandwiches and schnitzel to be had this afternoon during our layover on the way to Vegas. I don't know what I am more excited for--fleishig layover or the dairy breakfast we will have tomorrow at the Huntridge Soda Fountain in Vegas. :)