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Aug 5, 2014 07:58 AM

Best Cocktails 2014

I'm a beer drinker but looking to try some creative drinks. What are your favorite cocktails currently served in Manhattan? I thought this should be a separate thread from Best Dishes. Thanks!

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  1. I normally frown on vodka martinis, but my wife ordered one at a UWS speakeasy called Manhattan Cricket Club, and it was pretty amazing - clear and pure like a martini, but with the soul of a Bloody Mary.

    Description from menu: Salt And Pepper - Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, Garden Tomato Essence, Smoked Black Pepper & White Truffle Mist.

    To be clear, though, the $18 price tag is really pushing it.

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    1. Momofuku Ssam - Chia Fresca – mezcal, aperol, pineapple, lime, chia seed
      Cienfuegos - House Zombie (limit 1) - El Dorado 151, El Dorado 3 yr, Appleton Estate V/X, Rhum Barbancourt, Coruba dark rum, lime, grapefruit, passion-fruit juices, absinthe, bitters, cinnamon, orgeat, curaçao
      Dead Rabbit - Irish Coffee
      Tertulia - shishito pepper gimlet with fresh lime (off menu now but you can still ask for one)
      ZZ's Clam Bar - Coconut - Trinidadian Rum, Acacia Honey, Smoked Cinnamon, served with a torched cinnamon stick in a real pineapple, on a bed of crushed ice and banana leaves

      Looking forward to trying this at the NoMad one day:

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        I have to try that ZZ Clam Bar cocktail.

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          We've had a "Cocktail Explosion" at The NoMad Bar (the Sepratist) and it was excellent; you would think such a large format couldn't keep the high standards of an individual drink but this proved that wrong. Not only fun (because of the sharing) but it's a good bargain for a large group.

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            Kathryn, what was the drink you recommended at Ma Peche recently? Ill be there Sunday

            1. re: Ziggy41

              I can't help but get a Seven Spice Sour basically every time.

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                I also like the sound of that ZZ drink. We drink a lot of Coconut Rum with Pineapple while out on the islands

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                  +1 for the Seven Spice Sour (it's my favorite cocktail).

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                    I got into an uncomfortable situation with this drink last night. I wanted another one so bad but we were with none drinkers and I couldnt quite pull the trigger

                    Good call ladies!

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                  Love Chia Fresca! I know I'm gonna be sad when they take it off. Also love the penicillin. Lot's of places can make it now but theirs is especially good.

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                    So when do you want to meet GF and I and kill an explosion at the NoMad Bar ? :)

                    1. I've really liked Booker & Dax, but I haven't been there recently enough to be fully confident in recommending any cocktails in particular. Here's their menu: And of course they'll make other cocktails for you if you ask.

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                        We were sooooo disappointed with Booker & Dax recently. We stopped in for a drink after a GREAT meal of ramen and shiitake buns at Noodle Bar. The drinks were far from special and where they seated us in an almost empty bar (over by the roaster) was horrendous, the whole place had a "uncleaned" feel to it, the bar surface had that gross tacky/dirty feel to it. With so many other places to get drinks we won't be hurrying back.

                        1. re: Spiritchaser

                          I'm shocked to hear that. That's really sad.

                      2. I second ZZ's clam bar. Incredible place and delicious cocktails.

                        But I think the best drinks I've had in NYC are in Apotheke in chinatown. Such a cool vibe, cool location, AMAZING cocktails.