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Aug 5, 2014 06:23 AM

Chadd's Bistro - Rochester

Been seeing some local ads for the place so finally tried it last night. My only regret - why did I wait so long? Easily the best sandwich type joint in the area. Small place, limited seating, and so worth any effort necessary. I had the Highlander and it was wonderful. Really liked the fries. Some Yelp reviews have compared it to Zingermans and I can see why.

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  1. Interesting, thanks!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I stopped there last night and picked up a turkey supreme sub. Even with the 45 minute drive home it was still delicious. I will definitely go back though the weekend may be a better option as traffic on Auburn Road was horrendous.

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        1. Went to Chadd's "Bistro" today. Thanks for the tip on the place and on the Auburn Rd traffic.  I took M59 to Dequindre, which was much nicer.


          Okay, I will be back to this place. I had the Highlander and the Skinny John. But, I can't in good conscience recommend these sandwiches to fit girls, like I would Zingermann's, which relies mostly on plain house bread and a big stack of lean quality meat.


          These Chadd's sandwiches were funky, greasy and messy. Thick bread (good stuff from local bakery - Breadwinner on Main north of Univ.) grilled with lots of oil, modest amounts of meat (source not yet known to me), and lots of dressing and cheese and sauces and gosh knows what other sins. An intense fix for a self-hating binge.


          The pickles were good, even if not notable. The slaw was very fresh and homemade, though one has to be accepting of heavy caraway, which I am. The sweet potato fries were very naturally intense, but greasy, too. They usually come with cinnamon and sugar or syrup (yikes!), but I asked for ketchup, instead. It turned out to be homemade, apparently from cooked down crushed tomatoes and pureed caramelized onions or something. I don't know, but it was yummy!


          All the people working there take great ownership over the customer experience. Tip of the hat to them all. I don't know if they are all partners, or maybe just well managed. This isn't to say, if you get a little snippy there, that they won't come over the second hand counter and kick the crap out of you. Too, the clientele seemed to appreciate this rough-around-the-edges vibe.  As you guys said, this place is far off the quaint main strip of Downtown Rochester; rather, it is way out on Auburn Rd.