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Aug 5, 2014 05:11 AM

Where can I find great Greek yogurt? I had some for dessert last night

at Ithaka greek restaurant on 86th and 2nd Ave-it was served w honey and wlanuts-amazingly good!!! Name of dish was Yiaourti Sakoulas. Would appreciate all suggestions where to find this kind of "home made" yogurt so I can recreate at home.

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  1. Greek yogurt is just a marketing name for traditional strained or "hung" yogurt. You can buy commercially made strained yogurt at pretty much any supermarket. Avoid the nonfat and aim for 2% or whole milk yogurt.

    If you want to buy something more artisanal, Francela on 81st and 3rd sells their housemade yogurt and labneh.

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      I believe Pi Bakery sells housemade yogurt. Did not get a chance to try it but based on their other offerings quality I am intrigued. Also many stores in Astoria sell the "home made" style you refer to.

    2. Kalustyan's has a good selection of locally made greek yogurts and labneh as well

      1. For what it's worth, I've found Fage to be the best of the supermarket brands. That stuff has single-handedly redefined yogurt in the Coasts' house.

        1. sadly The Yoghurt place II on Sullivan St. closed, that was going to be my recommendation. However, I have had no yogurt that compares with the sheep milk yiaourti meli ( yogurt with honey) I've had in Corfu. The best yogurt I've ever had anywhere in Greece. Nothing like it here.
          Store bought here I eat Fage 2% and add my own honey. I also like Mueller's with nuts or chocolate balls. I hate Chobani.
          Isn't 86th and 2nd Mansion diner?

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            I shed a tear when the yoghurt place on sullivan closed....;(

            But i also am a plain 2% fage fan. Although that icelandic skyrr is growing on me.

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              At the very corner is Mansion diner-Ithaka is few doors downs on south side between 2nd and 3rd-I just gave rough location.

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                If you want to find sheep's milk yogurt at 86th and 2nd, they carry one or two commercial brands at Fairway. I remember now also that the Turkish-operated greengrocers on 93rd and 1st (might be closed) and 96th and Lexington sell several types of commercially made Turkish yogurt. Süzme yoğurt is the delightfully creamy strained yogurt that is similar to Fage. Kaymakli yoğurt is even more indulgent, with a layer of clotted cream on top. Perfect for desserts.

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                  I will certainly go to 86 and 2nd for the sheep milk yogurt. Hopefully it will compare to the sheep milk yogurt I ate for around 90 days everyday in Greece ( Corfu)

              2. Do youself a favor and get on the train to Astoria. Once you discover the wonders out there, it may well become a part of your regular shopping rotation. Mediterranean Foods sells yogurt that puts Fage to shame; both their locations are within a block or two of subway stops. And their yogurts are just a small cube of the iceberg.