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Aug 5, 2014 04:56 AM

The view from the kitchen window

This is mine.

And yours?

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  1. Oh, Harters, that's lovely!

    My kitchen window is actually behind my work area, and faces the front door. The kitchen is quite literally the centre of our house, so not much in the way of a view.

    1. Beautiful, Harters! What are the red flowers? Daylilies of some sort?

      Here's my view earlier in the spring, before our newly planted pine trees recovered from the brutal winter we had. They are doing much better now.

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      1. re: TorontoJo

        Those flowers are crocosmia, I believe

        1. re: TorontoJo

          Crocosmia "Lucifer".

          There are two day lilies in those beds but out of sight from that angle, one yellow the other red.

          I grow some grasses in there as well, TJ - as a counter balance to all the hot colours. One is chasmanthium latifolium which I first saw and admired at the Niagara Botanical Gardens. Thank you, Canada.

          1. re: Harters

            I love flowers, but am not an avid gardener, so we planted mostly grasses everywhere (love the Karl Foerster reed grass!). We get our splashes of colour mostly from foliage: Japanese blood grass, dragon's blood sedum, staghorn sumac (which are beautiful in the fall), autumn joy sedum. I am always a little envious when I see gardens overflowing with blooms, but I know that I don't have it in me to do that myself! :0)

            1. re: alkapal

              Thank you! It's wonderful on nice days when we can open them up completely, as in the photo.

              1. re: TorontoJo

                Wow.....awesome space, very contemporary I really like that. Is that a golf course your property backs up to? The patio is yours? Beautiful view.

                1. re: jrvedivici

                  Thanks, jr! We actually back onto a farmer's field. Out of range of the photo is a vineyard to the left and a peach orchard to the right. The patio is ours -- the property runs a fair way back (to behind the tree that you can glimpse through the pines). I'm quite obviously no longer "TorontoJo"...I'm more like "1.5HoursFromTorontoJo" now. We traded our little city house for four acres almost two years ago. :0)

                    1. re: nothingswrong

                      Thanks NW -- we're pretty happy with the trade!

                      I'll cheat a little bit: this is the view across the street to 30 acres of peach orchards on a day when we had the most remarkable double rainbow. This *would* be the view from our South-facing kitchen windows, if the windows weren't clerestory and too high to see out of. :)

                2. re: TorontoJo

                  nice Gehry footstool/end table Jo. DWR?

                  1. re: hill food

                    Good eye, hill food! We love all the hot colors -- got a mix of four. I think I got them through rather than DWR.

                3. Beautiful! Looks very relaxing and peaceful.

                    1. re: small h

                      Regardless of the spectrum, a view is a view and that is a hell of a view too!

                      1. re: jrvedivici

                        Thanks! It's even better from the living room, because we can see the river. And we could REALLY see the river during Hurricane Sandy, because the river came right up to the building.

                        1. re: small h

                          Yikes, Sandy was a scary thing. The building housing the NY offices for the corporation I worked for had to close down. (Located on Water Street - oh, the irony.)

                          1. re: breadchick

                            We were lucky. The other building in my picture sits about 10' lower than ours. The river came right into its lobby and flooded the elevator shaft. Still, compared to what some people went through, we really can't complain.

                      2. re: small h

                        Great, great view! I'm jealous:)

                      3. gorgeous!!!

                        my view is a bunch of construction material debris these days. LOL.

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                        1. re: alkapal

                          Mine too! But it's from atop a newly installed cedar deck, so that's a big step in the right direction :-).