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Aug 5, 2014 03:51 AM

Terra Vergine (London)

We're in the midst of doing research for an upcoming trip to London/Edinburgh/Dublin in October. My husband came across this restaurant on another site; he's really taken by the Abruzzese menu. I don't see much about it here. Does anyone have anything to say about it (good or bad)? Thanks.

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  1. There's only one review on Whoever wrote it appears to live in the neighbourhood and really likes it. I think there's a critic review there as well.

    I liked the menu. Maybe there are some other reviews online. I found these:

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      Thanks. We saw a few of those. I seem to trust CH the most though when doing research.

    2. It may be that this place is a rare exception in being good and interesting. But, I can't recall ever recommending any Italian restaurant in the UK as being anything better than halfway decent. It's just a cuisine we don't seem to do well - perhaps unsurprising as we've never had a great tradition of Italian immigration.

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        Thanks for the reply. We thoroughly enjoyed a few Italian meals when we last visited London in 2011. One's man meat... and all that.

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          Yes, I saw that post. Thanks. It's from 2012 and we all know how restaurants change over time what with chef's coming and going, etc., so I was hoping for a somewhat more recent review. Thanks again.

        2. I live around the corner and love this place. The food is interesting, the service personal and knowledgable and a nice calm atmosphere. I've eaten there a few times and always want to return. They are open all day too so you can choose to eat at your own convenience rather than in defined meal times. They do a lovely soup with pasta and their skewers are really tasty. And actually it is very well priced for the quality and wine list is great too. Give it a try!

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            Thanks. My husband already made the reservation so this is good to hear!

          2. I would also second the comments of kristaneon - we enjoyed a meal here as a family, food and service were wonderful. It was a rainy night, early (6) so we were alone, but would recommend it and look forward to going back.

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                Oh great well let us know how you find it - have a great trip!