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Aug 4, 2014 07:13 PM

Overwhelmed by Paris Restaurants

All -

I am spending a week in Paris between August 9 and 15 at an apartment near Republique and Oberkampf metro stations.

I have been reading quite a few threads on this website and cross-referencing what is open during the month of August on Paris by Mouth. At the end of the day, I have had a very tough time putting together a list of places that I want to go to because there are so many restaurants and to be quite honest, we are overwhelmed.

If anyone could put forward some suggestions for good value places in my neighbourhood, I would be very grateful. In particular, I am looking for some good bistros and places with good atmosphere (we are 30 years old).

In addition, if you have any recommendations for great bakeries/cheese shops/ markets etc. in this neighbourhood, I would also be very grateful.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Its far easier to provide a list of the types of places that interest you. As you have already done a lot of research why don't you post your long list of choices and the style of restaurant you are looking for....we can then offer advice.

    The board already has a few threads with curated lists for August and you are staying centrally enough to get to many of them.

    1. Le BAT and Chez Denise jumped out at me.

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        Two great picks, providing nicely contrasting styles in food and ambiance.
        Le BAT is opened all month August. The food is wonderful. The atmosphere hip. Reservations are taken for lunch only. But in August you probably don't need to.
        Dunno about the closing dates of Chez Denise.

      2. You can check old postings but here a few stops to make.l'Auberge Pyrenees-Cevennes is right near you on Richard Lenoir, as is Pramil on R Vertbois
        Two bakeries come to mind, Des Pain et Les Idees on R Yves Toudic and one on Bd Voltaire just on the Nation dide of Oberkampf metro stop.
        There is always Genin as well.

        1. Granted, it isn't exactly next door to where you are, but Bistrot Belhara is pretty great. New place, and the waitress has a rather poor attitude, but the food more than makes up for it.

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          1. re: Sirrith

            Bistro Belhara is closed August 3-21, darn it . I've eaten there,happily, several times.We went to dinner at Axuria last night . An airy,pretty room, friendly service and a 24 euro 2 course meal ( langoustine tails to start and rare breast of duck for the main ) topped off by a 9 euro grand marnier soufflé that was perfection, A perfect way to start a holiday..

            1. re: pammi

              Thanks for the recommendations. We will be sure to check out:

              L'Auberge Pyrenees-Cevennes
              Chez Denise
              Le BAT

              This is very much appreciated.

              1. re: Garthm

                Both Chez Denise and L'Auberge Pyrénées-Cévennes will be closed during your stay.

                Other possibilities: Astier, Clown Bar (closed for a week starting 11 Aug so you have a few days possible for you), Au Passage, L'Entrée des Artistes (on rue Crussol), Derrière in the 3rd, Mary Celeste in the 3rd, Clandestino (closed after 11 Aug) in the 12th.

          2. I ran into a similar conundrum when trying to find options that are open during my stay in August. Here's a list of recommended wine bars and restaurants in that general area ...

            Restaurant Les Déserteurs
            Clown Bar (closed from August 11-19)
            Le Servan (just found out that they are closed on my dates)
            Restaurant Pierre Sang
            Le Mary Celeste
            Au Passage
            Aux Deux Ami
            Septime 'Cave' (I think their wine bar is open)
            Le Galopin
            Le Dauphin
            La Buvette
            Le Perchoir (roof deck)

            Also, here's a link to closures in August...


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              Jacksonkev, thanks for the reply. I read your thread with interest but I gathered that you were searching for more modern French whereas I'm more interested in classic bistros.

              1. re: Garthm

                Ok, makes perfect sense. If you do get sounds like Clown Bar is a neo-bistro set inside of a renovated classic bistro. It could be a 'compromise' of sorts. Good luck!

                1. re: Garthm

                  Trad restaurants are unfortunately more likely to be closed in August than other types of restos.

                  I'm not sure about its holiday schedule this year but I have a vague memory that the delightful Taxi Jaune on rue Chapon in the 3rd has its fermeture annuelle in Dec/ Jan so might be a possibility for you.