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Aug 4, 2014 06:14 PM

Better Quality Jordan Almonds in Boston?

I think i have figured out that Jordan Almonds come in quite a range of qualities. The lowest quality, for me, is the ones with the thickest sugar coating. I used to buy better quality/more expensive than the cheapest -at Dairy Fresh, but it has been kaput for many years now.It gets expensive to buy the usual requisite pre-packaged pound to sample them at various shops. Has anyone found them w/ a thinner shell than the thick shelled ones you usually find? (Color is irrelevant but i would expect them to be white.)
**I know Formaggio sells 2 imported and stellar(and tres tres cher) Spanish versions, but they're out of my league. Thx for your help.

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  1. I'd say Fastachi in Watertown or Sanborns in Plaistow, NH. The latter is less $.

    1. Superior Nut on McGrath Highway in Somerville has good nuts in general though I haven't had their Jordan Almond. Might be worth a try.

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        hmmm, that's an excellent idea. i'll call, and fastachi.thx!

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          I have had them from Fastichi, and they do have a thinner shell. My wife used to buy French imported Jordan almonds for me at Christmas time (not sure where she got them, but it was obviously online), and those were the best I've ever had, but they were really expensive, and the ones at Fastichi are just a small step down in quality.

          1. re: kimfair1

            thx kimfair and pinehurst; bought what i was seeking- Super Fine Jordan Almonds- at Fastachi, so that's terrific. But wow- $20 p pound!!! and all they are is almonds(" flatter, better")and sugar!! Give me a break. And the French ones are even MORE cher?? Must be like Formaggio's- ~$30's Whew!

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              20/lb...whew! But glad you found them!

      2. My sister, who is a big Jordan almond aficionado, bought a container of them last week at Sevan bakery, which is across the street from Fastachi. She said they were particularly good. I believe they come pre-portioned in plastic containers at Sevan but they're so nice in there, I bet they'd let you sample one.

        1. Phillips Candy House in Dorchester on Morrisey Blvd.

          1. I was going to start a post about Jordan Almonds, OP! Guess our minds (stomachs?) are working the same way right now.

            I bought some at Arax - oy, $7 worth! - but they weren't that good. Personally, I think part of the problem is the fact (at least this is what I read) that all almonds are blasted with radiation since the salmonella scare from a few years back. I can't get any raw almonds with that delicious, sweet taste anymore. :( I agree about the need for a thinner sugar shell on Jordan Almonds - the ones I just tried were too thick, IMO.

            Also - I was wondering if my memory is failing me (well, it IS, but that's besides this point)... I seem to remember that the Jordan Almonds I ate many, many years ago - always at Italian weddings - had a mild anise flavor to them. I searched extensively online, but couldn't find anything to support my memory.

            Anise and almonds go great together... mmmm....

            I intend to purchase some raw almonds direct from a farm in CA, soon - hoping to get something better than what I've been buying lately. Don't know if I would have the desire to make my own JA - but if I e ever do, you'll be the first person who'll get some!

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              Awfully nice of you, three!I actually think that the coating happens in some kind of a 'turbo______'where they spin together all the almonds and the coating( in liquid form), and i'm guessing that the coating hardens in the same machine or another 'spinning barrel' (because the outside is perfectly smooth; no resting spots)

              Fastachi will give you tastes, so try the $$$ ones; i think their quality is much higher, and they're sweeter,w/more floral almond flavor.