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Aug 4, 2014 03:29 PM

Clarkson Mississauga food shopping

In a few weeks, we're moving from Old Town/St. Lawrence Market area to Clarkson, and I'm wondering about where to find some of the things I buy regularly at the market - like speciality cheeses, fresh roasted coffee, good produce, and ground lamb. Also, which grocery stores in the area do you recommend? We will be in Park Royal (near the Food Basics store). Thanks!

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  1. Howdy neighbour! We are also in Park Royal. Truscott Bakery has good coffee, pastries and fresh bread. Hot table is average and so is most everything else.

    I've not been, however heard great things about Michael Angelo's for produce.

    Also, for produce, you may want to try Herridge Farm on Southdown:

    The below thread may be of some assistance to you:

    Welcome to the neighbourhood!

    1. Herridge's and Le Delice bakery in Lorne Park were my go-tos when I lived in the area.
      Not sure if it's still there, but there was a nice cheese shop on the south side of Lakeshore near Clarkson Rd. next to the Clarkson Pump a couple years back.
      Mickey's for pizza.

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        Goat Inc., the cheese shoppe you are referring to, is no longer there.

      2. Welcome to Mississauga! If you don't mind trekking a bit in your car, you have an abundance of great options from big store with interesting and well curated selections to the boutique specialty.

        West Mississauga right at Dundas W and 403
        In this corner you will have two opposing store types but both equally fun to shop. The first being the large Eastern European Starsky's and the other being the South Mississauga Costco. The Starsky's forte are cheese, charcuterie, European breads, and their butcher. To say their cheese and deli section is triple the size of most stores (Loblaws) is NOT an overstatement. They're very helpful. Their fruits and vegetables are decent but variety is limited and pricing generally higher than normal. The Costco here is better than the average Costco. It's spacious, easy parking, and I find it a tad big less congested (people are more aware of their surroundings). Here you can wonderful products (DOP cheese, Modena balsamic vinegar, great fruits ... Local and designer from US, good cuts of meat... ) and often at great prices, there's a costco thread that often highlights the new and interesting products.

        Central Mississauga
        In this area you are blessed with a few great options. You have the great boutique Italian Michaelangelos (the best and freshest fruits and vegetables, and the have a nice cheese and deli area too), large and new Mediterranean Adonis (prepared food area is pretty awesome with a good butcher area), and the newly renovated T&T (best fishmonger area and great Asian fruits and vegetables for fantastic prices, also wide selection of dried noodles and Asian sauces). Also there is the specialty butcher, Paramount Butcher, that is from the same owners as Paramount restaurant. It's located on Eglinton between Mavis and Hurontario. It happens to be beside a lovely Italian bakery, Lazio, who bakes all their bread in house.

        North Mississauga
        Highland Farms is up in this corner and it's very overwhelmingly large. Some people love it... I find it to be ok. It's an Italian super market on steroids. Prices and quality is fair. It does have a giant section for meats, bakery, and fruits/vegetables. Personally I like Michaelangelos more.

        Hope that helps!