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Feb 15, 2006 08:29 AM

Le Carolus

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Has anyone tried this BYOW on Duluth? Prices seem very reasonable but what about quality?

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  1. Tried this with a friend about two weeks ago - food was good but nothing spectacular and ambiance was significantly lacking. Although price is more reasonable I still prefer La Columbe, Les Infidels, and Brunoise.

    1. Wow. This place must be literally serving soups and appetizers out of cans, scooping main courses out of TV dinner boxes.

      I've had worse, far worse tasting meals freshly prepared at restaurants hailed by foodies, but this place is just bizarre, charging $10/app, $20/main for Campbell's/nuveau spam/lean cuisine quality food. At least the soup was included. And it's BYOB. Bring lots of your own B if you bother coming here.