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Aug 4, 2014 01:25 PM

More from My Ohio Road Trip

Wendys for lunch: meh. Sad salad in plastic bowl, nothing else I felt like trying. Reinforced why I don't like chains
on general principles.

Steak N Shake ( or something like that) Clean retro look,
clean restrooms, brightly lit, nice service. Nice breakfast,
interesting menu choices: would go back readily another location.
Very reasonable; how do they make a profit?

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  1. Steak N Shake is a chain with around 500 locations in the US.

    1. You don't like chains so you ate 2 different meals at them? Huh?

      1. Actually, we ate in three of them on this road trip! Olive Garden turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Living in a
        large city loaded with all sorts of individually owned places
        one can choose easily: no need to eat in chains. On a road trip
        through small town mid America, tired after driving all day,
        the choices tend to be limited to chains. I thought Olive
        Garden deserved a positive shout out on my local board, but
        the moderators would have simply yanked it and posted it here.

        1. Where in Ohio have you been traveling? I live here and I could give you tips, if you're interested.

          Steak and Shake is one of the better burger chains. I'll take S&S over 5-Guys any day.